Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter Break!

I started winter break from school this week. I have three papers to write. Rewrite homework assignments that I have not turned in yet. I need to study for Physics to keep the brain pumping keeping the information fresh for when I return to school on the 3rd.

Work had been a whole other story. I am so confused. I really love my job. I know that I am a great collector and CITI has been really good to me for the last 8. I have a new manager who keeps pushing me beyond my limit, need less to say making me feel that I and not doing my job efficiently. I figure that is what management is all about. The are they push us to new limits and knew height to be better and more munificent at what we do. I am thankful for that. I actually have been a little down about it, but today I realized that it is for my personal development to be better. I feel that my manager has faith in me or she would.t keep pushing. I am thankful for her faith in me. I can do anything that I put my mind into.

I am hoping the best for all you!

Friday, December 14, 2012


As of  November 31, I official applied to the Occupational Program at Spalding University and received an email stating that is was complete and I should hear something back from the no later that February.  I had everything together and ready to drop off to Mrs. Spaulding before my Physics class at 12 PM! Whoop! Whoop! I feel a little relieved. I am so ahead of the game. The application deadline is January 25, 2013,. All I know is that I have my application in and official transcripts mailed out. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Breath right? I am thankful that I had everything ready to go. I am eager to keep up this momentum on keep things together!

I am currently taking ENG 102 and Physics is purely math and is not what I expected. I am existed about both classes, exceptionally English. I love learning more about this WONDERFUL world of science and how it is going to work hand and hand with how we live through our "occupation". My English class has been quite interesting because my teacher is fascinated with the Internet and our privacy issues with the internet. She finds it interesting how society has come to be soooo involved with the internet, technology, and how people are losing touch with ourselves and being personable to others. I started think, " Am I one other these people who have to live with technology, after all I do have a blog?" Naww!!!!!! I'm ok, I can live without it. I do find it's interesting how everything we do online is tracked. So people remember what you put on the Internet is PERMANENT, even if you think you have deleted it. It will always live in some one's cloud.

I just wanted to give my fellow friends an update on how I doing and my progress. Looking forward to hearing for some of you and your progress to. Please feel free to comment anytime and just let me know some of your AMAZING news too.

Hoping the best for you!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Applied to the OT program today!

Yay, I submitted my application to the Occupational Therapy program today! Just to assure accuracy I checked it twice OK maybe three times. Check the transcripts, checked the recommendation letters, check the letter showing my observation hours, and then made sure to enclose the $30 money order for the application. I check and tripled checked, when I went in to submit my application to Ms. Spaulding, I think she may have needed to brace herself because I was running towards her like a football player going in for the tackle with all of my excitement. I gave her two hugs and made sure that all my I’s were dotted and my t's were crossed. Should I say it.......? I can breathe after getting all the information turned in. I also requested my transcripts to be mailed to the school so that they're official. I am so thankful that I am here and now I need to learn how to balance school and life again. This is the time that i need to take it easy and really focus on the of balance school, family, and me time, everything takes time, I am ready for the ride. Now that the application is in, I don't think I will hear anything back until Feb 8.

In the meantime, please send good energy my way! Hope the best is going well for all of you out there.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Waiting Period

I am officially complete with nine of my pre-reqsa classes needed in order to apply to the Occupational Therapy program. I have completed Effective Speaking (A), Ethic (B), Abnormal Physiology(A), Development Physiology(A), Developmental Psychology(A), Anatomy(A) plus Lab(A), and Psychology(A) plus Lab(B). Whoop Whoop! I did it. I have Physics and ENG 102 starting the the 26. Must admit that I am excited because in the Physics class there should be more Pre-OT students so that I can start building a network for study groups looking forward to it. The only hold up now is waiting on Spalding to post my grades from my Physiology class and lab to I get request one being sent in with my application. The want everything sent in one packet. I was going to hand deliver it, but the I thought if I sent it return mail with receipt I know would be assured how it. What do you think would be the best, memorial way to submit my application? Suggestions please.....

Hoping the best for all of you our there..

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nashville and EVERYTHING

Good evening fellow friends,
   This is going to be an all in one collaboration. I am just now returning home from my daughter's All Star Cheer competition. I want to talk about my applying to the OT program on the 26th of THIS month along with talking about the rest of my kiddos.

First thing first! It is that time for me to apply to the OT program. I have been waiting for this moment for over a year now. I have had everything complete since LAST SEPTEMBER! I have done my hours of observation along with the letters verifying that I have completed the hours. I completed 20 hours in a SNF and 8 hours in a Peds setting. I was think about getting more hours in at other place; however, I got tied down with school and started slacking off. Then I have my 3 letters of recommendation. I actually had my references fill out the forms 2x, just in case. I have had my TB skin test and my blood work showing that I have had all of my childhood shots. That part is not required yet. I just wanted to go ahead and get it done so that when I am accepted into the program I have them ready to go. I thought my GPA was 3.59, but when I checked my transcript, I actually have a GPA of 3.89. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!! I will have 9 of the 13 pre-reqs completed by Friday. I am so ready for this. I will keep everyone up to date on what is going on. The only thing that I do not have yet is the interview outfit. I am going shopping for that soon along with making sure my credit is in great shape for any private loans that I may need. I AM READY! I felt like Sponge Bob there for a minute with all that enthusiasm. ;)

Second, my baby, Dyimand, had her second cheer competition today and they won 1st place. WHOOP WHOOP! They are so happy! I am happy to. It's been and emotional ride for us cheer moms. I'm telling you, having all those females together all the time..... it's crazy. When one girl cried, they all did. When one hurt, they all did. Too funny really. Just wanted to take time to congratulate Royal Cheer Xtreme in New Albany, IN.

Lastly, I feel kind of biased by just talking about my cheerleaders, which are the twins (Dyimand and Romier) all the time. I'm going to give the rest of the family some love here. My oldest, Deve'ontay, had his soccer tournament two weeks ago and his U11 team, came in second place. Out of his whole 2 year select soccer player career, I say career because he thinks of himself as a professional, this is the 1st time that his team ever made it to the finals. The team was soooooooo bummed that they came in second, but I said, "Hey this is the 1st time you guys ever made it this far and you should be really proud of yourselves." Telling that to a group of 10-11 year old boys did not work. They looked at me as if I was crazy and kept moping. They got over it the next day. These boys are like brothers because this is the second year that many of them have played together. They have came a long way. I am really proud of them. Again congratulations Kentucky Fire Juniors.

My baby girl will be 1 on Wednesday. Man time goes by so fast! Happy birthday Gem'maica!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paul Ogle Foundation

My school, Spalding University, allows students to  apply for scholarships through the Endowment Scholarship opportunity. I am thankful that I applied and was chosen a sponsorship from the Paul Ogle Foundation from Jeffersonville, IN. This is the second year that I have been approved for a sponsorship from this foundation.

Just a little about the foundation; Paul Ogle, the donor of the foundation, wanted to attend college to become a dentist, but was able to attend  because his family had some financial hardships in the 1920's. Paul Ogle volunteered for the foundation from 1980-1989 until he passed. Paul Ogle did not have any heirs, so he donated his finances to the foundation to give back to the community, allowing others, such as myself, to attend college. Paul Ogle wanted to help sponsor college students to help them achieve their academic goal since he was not able to attend college like he wanted to. The foundation does not just give to college students like myself, they also give to organizations in the Jeffersonville, IN, and the surrounding area, community.

I am thankful that my community here in IN give to people that are attending college and giving to the community to enhance our area by their sponsorships. Please remember that when you donate to organizations such as the Paul Ogle Foundation, or whatever organizations that you may have in your community, you are making the world a better place. Please take time out give back to your community AND read up on the amazing Paul Ogle Foundation here .

Again another thank you to the Paul Ogle Foundation and I am hoping the best for all of you out there!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New focus

Just a thought about helping me retain the information that I am learning. I have seen that studies on aromatherapy can help with cognition and recalling information. My problem is that instead of putting my energy all in one things I tend to get distracted. Like right now I should be studying for the two test that I will have this week in Physiology but instead I'm doing research on aromatherapy. I need to get focused. A convenient enough the aromatherapy blend that I am looking into is called focus! I need to get things together. Has anyone else heard good things about aromatherapy and memory?

Hoping the best for all of you@

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sad but true...

My last post was about getting pointers on how to retain the information that I am learning from my classes. I have had 3 exams this week and soooo sad but true, I know bombed two of them with a whopping 50-60%. My teacher has not posted the grade for our other exam. I thought I have studied everything. I nice friend of mine told me that I may have a learning disability with wording. I need to so more research on that. I am starting to lose a little faith in myself. I am really discouraged. I do not like seeing anything less than a 90%. It's getting so close to the time to apply to the program. I wonder I am subconsciously crumbing under the pressure. Hmmm.... I don't know. All I do know it I need to change the game plan a little and attack at a different perspective. I am just so tired and can't take a nap right now.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

To all current OT students AND people that are good at Science.

Good afternoon my dear readers (which now, I would like to call you friends),

I need some help with learning how to retain information in my classes. From what I have read from OT student blogs, or what they all have in common, is to make sure to retain and understand the information that I am learning in my classes. Everyone does not recommend to just learning the information to pass the class or the test. Here is my thing, I am a visual learner. When it comes test time for me, I do really well with multiple choice questions because I remember the words from which I studied. On the other hand, on essay questions I draw a blank. I know the information but I cannot put it on paper for some reason. Last session, when I performed a brain dissection in my Anatomy lab, I was able to look in the book and recognize the parts of the brain. When my teacher was standing beside me asking me questions about the brain, I could not tell her the parts of the brain without looking at the book. I remembered exactly where to find the answer in the book; however, I could not tell her the parts of the brain without looking at the book. I knew there were 4 ventricles and their approximate areas, the pons, brain stem, etc. When looking at the cerebellum, I knew it was something that started with a c but couldn’t get the word out of my mouth to tell her. I drew a complete blank. My teacher is so sweet; she let me open the book to be able to explain things to her about the brain. I can tell you page numbers in the book on where to find the information. I take notes, I highlight, and I even rewrite my notes, sometime. Other OT students have told me to make sure I know my information because that will help me when I get into the program. I just need some suggests on how can I retain this information and actually be able to answer an essay or tell someone the information without having to see a word in order to retrieve the information from my memory banks.


Oh, I can’t remember if I shared this yet. I got an A in my Anatomy class and B in the lab, which I thought would be the opposite. Anyways, I kind of threw an email fit about the B to my lab instructor and the Dean because I had completed 35 pts. of extra credit in the lab. The brain dissection was one of the extra credit points. I really bombed the 1st exam in that class because I was not prepared and the majority of the questions were in essay form, therefore, I drew a blank on a lot of the questions. I knew the exam was going to hurt my overall grade, so I opted to do the extra credit to help raise my grade. We only had 2 exams total. My last test I did ok. My instructor emailed me back informing me that my grade was correct. Then I looked at my grade record for the class and she was right. So I felt really bad for throwing an email fit. I emailed her and the Dean with an apology for MY error. Then the instructor came up to the school 2 days later to hand the class our last exam. I went up to the teacher personally and apologized for my error and I told her that I appreciated her professionalism (is that even a word???), anyways, and that I hoped the best for her in her future endeavors. I gave her a big hug and that was that. Then a day later I got an email from the teacher stating that she had indeed made a mistake and forgot to add my attendance points to my grade, which was a 3/5. When she corrected the error, guess what grade I ended up having????????? An A!!!!!! Whoop! Whoop! My hubby said he thinks that I got an A because in the ended I acted appropriately by speaking with the instructor face to face and had apologized. He said that was the universe returning something good back to me. Ok well he didn’t say those exact words. He really said " Na' because you did not go off and apologized she had a change of heart." I can tend to be a hot head when things don’t go my way. I think what I said he said sounds so much better. LOL.  I like to also interpret what he said as the universe was giving me good things because I behaved well.  LOL!

Please, please give me some suggestions on how I can retain the information that I am learning better.

I hope the best for all of you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Midnight writing

I have just completed my session of Anatomy and the lab. There are some issues with my grades that they are correcting, so I am holding out on telling you my grades until everything are finalized. Up next, is Physiology with it's corrasponding lab. I am so excited because I love the teacher who's teaching it. You can tell that he really loves his job and he is enthusiastic.

It a little sad that our week off from school is already over, I enjoyed the sleep. We start back Oct 8. The more I can get done the faster I finish!

My work has approved me for a temporary schedual change since most of my classes at the moment are day, now that I have a new manager and 'm in a department and the manager is giving me the "HMMMMMMMMM" face. Oh no! The management staff dose not understand that I have been working on APPLYING to the OT program for two years now, I am going to send good energy out to hoping for everything to work out in my favor.

As for my kiddo, all I can say is go Royal Cheer Cheer Xreme. The twins first compatition in the Sunday. I am asking you to send good energy their wasy too.

Romier's and Dyimand's 1st showcase

I am go proud of my babie, I'm tring to instill self confidents in themsevles. Dyimand is my baby that brought OT to my attention when she was younger. The twins will be 6 Nov. 3. AND NO WE ARE NOT ONE OF THOSE DANCE MOM FAMILIES, at least I don't think so. LOL. We are not we just supports for our kiddos, we want then to have free choice in what they want to do.

Sending good energy to everyone out there.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So long no type....

Good evening friends,
      I have been gone sooooo long. My anatomy class has had me studying my 2% of my body weight brain off. LOL, I am using what I am learning in class on my blog. LOL. The best way to retain it, is to apply it. I am up watching American Dad. It is my nightly show that I watch to put me to sleep. This show is a trip. Anyways, I must tell you that anatomy is no joke. I am really trying to make sure that I get an A in this class along with the lab. I did not do well on my first test in my lab. I did not do good at all. I am having to do a ton of extra credit to get the grade up. I did really bad on that first test. REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!! Lab is a learning experience all in itself. I am learning more about grown adults that are never satisfied that are always needing to complain about something ,and I am learning more of what I will be doing in the OT course. I learned that the anatomy class that OT students need to take in school are more in depth and focus a lot on skeletal muscle. Right now we are on the muscle system in lab and I am trying my best to make sure that I retain this information. Trying to tell my brain to put this information in my long term memory! Please brain please retain this information. I am doing farly well in my lecture course. Next week is my last week of anatomy then as of October 8, I should be heading into Physiology.
      It's crazy how much school cost. I am needing to call the financial aid office to evaluate my payment options. I applied for a scholarship this month. I will not hear back about the scholarship until the end of next month, hopefully.
     Ok well I am going to head back to watching my nightly cartoons. Will type to you soon.

Hoping the best for all of you out there.

Friday, September 7, 2012


I am thinking about taking a Reiki level I&II course. I firmly believe that is is because our unbalanced energy that can cause illness and stress to the body. I am also thinking about taking to course an enhancer to my Occupational Therapy career. The classes are coming up in October. I haven't talked to my husband about it yet. I have been accused for taking on more than I can chew, But I just feel drawn to take the class.

By the way my Anatomy class is kicking my, I have full confidence that I will be able to succeed in these class. I just need to get my study grove and to find the best way for me to retain this information because I technically will not be using the knowledge that I am learning now until next August.

By the way, does anyone out there know of any scholarships that are good to apply for?

I am sending out good energy to all of you out there, hoping to the best for you.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Anatomy class

This session I have deiced to take only one class, and that is Anatomy 261 with it's companion Lab 262. It is so much information. In one of our classes we saw human organs, which made me beel very uncomfortable. A friend in my class had to break it down for me. She said." These were donated to science so that we can learn from them." That really made me put things into perspective. I still had to call my doctor and talk to him about it because I was having all kinds of bad dream. He just gave me a pep talk and explained that the way I am feeling is normal and the feelings will soon pass with enough exposure to these types of things. Then I had to ask myself do I want these feeling to really pass? I am going to school to become an Occupational Therapy, what does this have to do my hands digging around inside of a corps? The my teacher said as loud as day that OT students have to dissect the face, the arms, the legs, the hands and feet. I am still having to take a deep breath on that one because I did not go into nursing for the simple fact that I do not was to see bodily fluids and the passing away of people. HHHHHH......well I did sleep well last night though. Maybe my doctor is right..... I will get used to it.... If anyone has any suggestions for me about getting through Anatomy classes and my future anatomy classes that invold dealing with corpses please let me know...

I am hoping the best for everyone out there.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to class

I started my Anatomy class this week. I am really struggle with retaining this information. We have our first quiz today and I got a flipping C. Not good because I need to complete this class with an A for my MOT program. Hhhhhhh, I rewrite notes, I reread notes, I am going to make flash cards, hhhhhhhh..... I need to get more focused I guess. I thought I was focused, but I guess not. I can not get a study group because everyone in the class works so it's hard to get a time for us all to get together.I need to bep it up. I can do it, I know I can, I can try my best. November here I come.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me retrain this information?

I hope the best for all of you out there.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Yesterday was my first day back to school. There is not much to say right now. My expectation is that I will get an A in the class. The professor gave some pointers on how best to study, witch was to rewrite the daily notes and the read all the notes from the week. The lecture seems to be smoother than the lab. The lab instructor made it clear that we will have a 75-100 question quiz each week and we need to remember words and application. I have high hopes for this call. This is only Anatomy, not AP. I am thankful that me work is letting me off early to attend call. I have to make up the hours of course. I am very thankful today.

I hope the best for everyone out there today.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Dash

I just wanted to share this link. It is very powerful. It has reminded me to slow down because I do have to admit that I live life every fast. I seem to constantly trying to do things that I really don't need to be doing.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Session coming to an end.

Next week is the last week of my session 7 classes, Women and Religion and American Presidency. I feel like I did just enough in the classes to get by, which is concerning for me because I know that I need A's in all of my classes to be a great candidate for the OT program. This is what is getting me, I really dislike ready history, and my American Presidency class is all history books, so to be honest I did not read the books. I just participated in all the class discussions. I am not a political person, so I took the class hoping to get insight into some of the political matters that are going on in our world today. I did get plenty of insight. Enough to know that I am happy where I am. People really get heated about politics, and it was just a class. I am hoping Father Issac chooses to base our final off of the class discussions.

Then in my Women and Religion class, it was very interesting. If I had known that I was going into a feminist class, I think I would have been more prepared for some of the personalities that would be in this class. I loved reading these books. They were about feminist journey about finding religion. I could relate to some of these women and I received more insight in the Muslim and Jewish religions. I am always open for learn, just not reading about history. LOL.

About two weeks ago I had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. I was admitted into the hospital on Saturday and was not discharged until the following Tuesday. I must tell you that the gall bladder does not play. I had no symptoms before the pain hit me on Saturday, it was not a gradual pain, it was a sudden lightening strike. I still say it was worse than labor. So having surgery caused me to miss a weeks worth of class. With only having 6 classes a session, missing one class is like missing 2 classes. So I have been playing catch up on my class work. I still have an assignment that I need to turn in for my Women and Religion class, then I had to make up 2 test that I completely failed... hhhhh.... so the teacher has given me opportunity to watch a movie to get extra credit.

After next week, I start my biology classes at the end of August that continue through December. I have Bio 261,262,263,264 and Phys 261. I like biology so I think these will intrigue me a bit. Then I am applying to the OT program in October.

Oh and my mother in law is coming up from Jamaica to help with the baby. I am a person who loves schedules and routines, so I am a little worried that she is going to come in and mash it all up!!!!! My husband is trying to ease my anxiety about that. I hope all is going well with all of you out there and I hope things continue going well for you.

Friday, July 6, 2012 30 Day Review

My three kiddos, my 3rd grader going to 4th grade and my twins that are going into kindergarten, was able to get a little boost for summer learning with Time4Learning that I came across on Pinterst.

My 10 year old really enjoyed the program. I like how the program gave him of a refresher of things he went through in 3rd grade. The language arts section gave him an opportunity to read passages and then answer questions regarding what he read. He really looked forward to playing the activities. He did not get very far in the math section. In the math section he able go over was the expanded form of writing numbers. It took a little time for him to get used to the exercise because the directions were not very clear, so I helped him a little and then he got the hang of it. He was also able to do some social studies that was mainly reading about geographical locations and history. My 10 struggles with reading, so that part was a little difficult for him. He was not understand the concepts of rivers, lakes, farming land, etc. This might have been some 4th grade work that he has not went over yet. We were not able to go over the science sections which he really looked forward to. I was mainly focusing the language arts sections because he was preparing to retake the IRead test, here in Indian, the state requires that all 3rd graders pass in order to move on to the 4th grade. The first time he took the test he failed by 3 points. So the school put him in summer school for 3 days a week and I used this program as a supplement. Guess what? HE PASSED THE SECOND TIME!!!!!!! Yeah!

The twins, who are 5, really liked the program. They always asked to do the math. The math section mainly went over patterns, difference, building things that were different, and matching. The program was very animated. When they got something wrong, the program friendly asked them to do it again and then showed them how to do the assignment again,and the program went over this process until they got the correct patter or answer, what ever it was asking them to work on. The language arts section went over letters, how many letters are in a word, sentence reading, and even asking them to read along. Many of the words were sight word; however, it seemed to bore them a little. The characters were very colorful and animated to catch my young one's attention.

Overall Time4Learning is a great supplemental program. I would recommend, as they do, for parent to be close to their child while going through actives because they can get confused about some of the directions. The program is very kid friendly by being colorful, animation, even using kid like humor. I can say my kids all looked forward to doing the program. They seemed like it, which is great because learning should be fun. As a parent, I want them to look forward to learning opposed to them feeling like it is something that they had to do.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Classes reume!

I started classes again this week. I have Women and Religion class which is not as bad as I had thought. We are basically reading books about women who go through their life to find god or alla and how they are also considers “feminist" point of the view what religion is to them and how they make it work for them. The first book that I have read has a surprise because I thought the book was going to talk mainly about religion. To my surprise, the book was very enlightening show the need to take care of myself, it is like saying "I can still beloved, lovable and accepted myself with all my flaws." I really enjoyed Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott. I would recommend you read it too.

My other calls on American Presidency. The call is mainly a debate class, so we chit chatting out options about political matters. Listening to everyone’s point of view is interest because I am not a political person nor do I really care. So far this class is great for awakening my naive mentality and has wanting learned more. All in all I know that I can do my best to get an A this session. I am really excited.

Well, I have stopped bumping with I am at school and I am allowing my husband to fee the baby a bottle to hopefully get her calorie intake to increase. She loves food so I honesty do not think that will be able problem. Over wise the family is doing great. My oldest turn 10 on the 20 so for his birthday present I am sending him to summer camp and he is so excite. The twins are already say how they miss him, and was won’t be leaving until next Sunday, LOL

I am hopping the best for you all out there.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Yesterday, 06/22/12, I volunteer for my school's enTech, for a program called K.I.T.E, Kosair's Integrated Technology Experience. The program allows children with disabilities from the ages of 3-12 to work with a therapist for no charge. The Kosair's Shriners donate the space and funds that allow the program to be available. Here is a great link to check out the program:

When I arrived, they informed me that I was going to be paired up with an OT student that needed some help. About 5 minutes into sitting with the OT student, I was told that I would have my own child to work with. I was actually in shock because I had not made it into the program and was bout to practice being an OT. The service coordinator was extremely helpful. He told me that if I needed anything to let him know. He walked me through how to use and IPad, yes people, I do not know how to use one. LOL.

The child that I was assigned to was 8 and has Aspbergers Syndrome. Without trying to sound completely ignorant, I honestly do not know much about this disorder other than Bill Gates has it. The only thing that I could go by was in his binder his mother wrote that he has to know what's coming next. At first I tried to build rapport with him. He completely ignored my attempts and seemed to be getting frustrated with me. So I went back to the service coordinator and ask how can I over come this. He told me that I just need to be there for the child, sometimes taking his lead. So I allowed the child to feel comfortable with me by giving him choices and following through on the rewards. For example, he was playing on the computer with a "Faceland" activity and we needed to move to crafts @ 10. I advised him how much more time he had on the computer before be had to move on. When it was coming close for time to be over, he started to finish the program more slowly. I then advised him that it was time to move on and I would allow him 2 more minutes to finish the game or he would have to stop the game without it being finished. That seemed to get him going. I had to keep reminding him, one more minute, thirty seconds, and so on which kept him on track. Once he was finished he ran off. He ran to pick up someones IPad. I told him that if he did his craft than I would allow him to have some IPad time on the IPad that I had. He seemed to like that. On the way over to the craft table he got in the big circle object that looks like a big tire and sllllllllllooooooooowwwwwwwly rolled over to the craft table. Then he just stopped halfway there. I had to pretend to give him gas in order to get him moving again. I have to do this four or five time before he understood what I was doing. He just looked at me with a questionable face. I told him, "I think you stopped because there is no more gas. So let me give you some gas to get you going to the craft table." He still looked at me funny when I made a gulping sound and put my hand at the back of the wheel pretending to put gas in. He got out of the tube to see what I was doing. I explained to him again that I was giving him gas. I told him to give it a try, to get back in and see if it moves closer to the craft table. Guess what? He moved it. That was the first smile I have gotten from him that morning because he really did not want to have anything to do with me. Then he slowed down again. This time I filled him up with turbo gas so he could get the rest of the way to the craft table faster. From that moment on, the child seemed to like my presence. He still became frustrated with activities, but if I played in between the activities that gave him a little encouragement to move on or follow my lead. We still had some bumps in the road with him running off and hurting other people, however, I had to give him the stay in your own bubble talk and to stay with me talk. Even though he seemed to not care what I was saying, he still followed my directions. I worked with him from 9-12 and really enjoyed it.

I also was able to talk with some students that are currently in the program. They told me that if I get a "C" I will get kicked out of the program. They said that I need to get with the "smart people" and for study groups. They encouraged me with applying. They told me that I would be fine. They said just to make sure to make in impression in the interview to get in the program. It was nice to interact with students that are about to graduate from the program. I also networked the OT that graduated from Spadling and received more encouragement.

I came home to a screaming baby and stressed husband. The baby had not nursed since 8 that morning and he gave her a formula bottle at 11, but she just was not content until I was home. The kids were yelling and running all over the place. Nothing like being home. LOL.

I am very thankful for the opportunity that I had yesterday. Just wanted to share my joy. I hope the best for all of you out there.

Friday, June 8, 2012

OT interview day

I play hooky from my Stats class on Monday, which I know is a no no due to the fact there was quiz and the teacher went over a lot of important information. We have two weeks left. I had to ask the teacher what me grade is in the class because they are not posted and she informed me that I have a A in the class, so right now I am doing what I can to maintain that grade. Thankfully, the teaching allowed me to retake the quiz this morning. I am feeling fairly confident about the quiz even though there were a few problems that stumped me. I am excited about moving on because that means I am getting closer to applying to the program.

While I was on campus today, the ASOT program were interviewing people for entry into the OT program starting January 2013. Everyone looked so beautiful and professional. I really didn't want to talk to anyone because I had just rolled out of bed and ran in to do my test. Needless to say, I looked a hot mess. I am a firm believer that first impressions are important. So I was sneaking around trying to hide my bed head appearance. LOL. That taught me to never go on campus without being prepared. LOL. I was able to talk to a canadidate that wanted to transfer in form another University into the OT program. I asked her what all they were going to do today and how long would it take for them to find out if they are accepted into the program. She told me that they doing the interview and the 15 minute writing portion, and that she did not know how long it was going to take to find out if she was accepted into the program. I am so excited to get into the program and to say that I am a MSOT student. I just need to put my energy into these classes and keeping my GPA up. On count down to October to apply.

I hope the best for all of you!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time4Learing Reveiw day 3

In my previous post, I stated that I had agreed to write a review for this Home school, Tutoring, and Summer Learning program called Time4Learning. It has been 3 days since my kids have used the program and I have some good feedback so far. I have a full 30 days to keep up to date and write reviews.


The day I agreed to review the program, I enrolled my three children, my oldest son who is 9, soon to be 10 on June 20, is going into the fourth grade, and the twins, who are five and are going into kindergarten. My intention was to look for a program for this summer that would keep my 9 up to level on his reading. In the state of Indiana there is a new law that states that all third graders have to pass a reading test called IREAD in order to progress to the fourth grade. From my understanding the test is designed to make sure that the kids are at the appropriate level to "read to learn oppose to learning to read." My son failed the test by 3 points. From what the principle of my son's school told me, 28% of Indiana third graders fail, however, they were either students that are ESL students, or students that have an IEP, or students that barely missed it by a few points. Since my son failed the test by 3 points, they are allowing him to retake the test next week. With that being said, I wanted to get him into a program that challengs him in reading and math. I have a confidence that my son will pass this time around because he is also in summer school. My oldest likes school but he gets easily frustrated when he is challenged and he is not the best reader. I honestly can not afford a tutor for him so I have been looking around on Pinterest for homeschooling information for fourth graders and I came across Time4Learning site. With the twins going into kindergarten, I just wanted to make sure they are also on the appreciate level with knowing their letters, starting to pick up sight words, and their hand writing. Time4Learning allowed me to practice a demo before enrolling my kids. The demo was colorful and seemed to be something that would catch my kids attention. Time4Learning has a lower level, Pre-K-3rd grade, and an upper lever, 4th-8th, grade curriculum. I figured it would not hurt to try this product out. I signed the twins up for the lower level and my oldest for the upper level. Each of their accounts have their name and their own password that allows for me to keep track of what each of them are doing and how they are progressing.


Day 1, It took 3 days for the  kids accounts to be active so they could log on to do some work. My oldest was the first to test drive the program. I must admit that I was instantly impressed with what I was watching him do in the first 10 minutes. I chose to start him on vocabulary.  The Time4Learning program is designed to show arrows to show the kids where they should start so that the curriculum is more like build blocks of knowledge. My son worked on synonyms and antonyms, which I know he had done in third grade, I know the importance of repetition so I had no problem with the review. When my son started, there was this colorful vibrant character that asked him if he knew what a synonym was. He clicked on the answer yes, so she proceeded to ask his a question about synonyms. Well, he got the answer wrong. In a chipper voice she reassured that it would be OK because she would help him by meeting a few of her friends. The characters had conversations about different vocabulary words like fatal, niece, etc. When the characters talked about the words, they made sure to give the definition of the word and give an example of the word along with an example of a synonym. That made me feel like the program was really making sure my son was grasping the concept and meaning of the words. At the end of each lesson there was a short passage to read. BINGO! Because that's one thing my son needs to work on, reading passages and retaining what he read. It gave him time to read the passage. When he was done, he had an option to click that either he understood what he had just read for 5 extra bonus points or that he did not understand what he read and to get some help. I love that because that allows for my son to be honest without think the whole class is looking at him or allowing him to feel judged for not knowing what he read. There were at least 4 passages. I was able to watch my son to chose that he understood the passage and the option where he didn't understand the passage. When he chose the option that he understood the passage, along with getting the 5 bonus points, the program asked him a questions about the passage, that included the vocabulary word, if he answered correctly he received 10 points which made him so excited. When he chose the option where he didn't understand the passage, the program made sure to review the vocabulary word so that when he answered the questions he could get at least 5 points. I really liked that about Day 1 for my oldest.

Now for the twins, on Day 1, it was a review of the alphabet, matching capital letters with lower case letters, how many letters are in words and more, the program had very colorful vibrant characters and laughed and giggled making them feel like the were playing a game while they were learning. There was a section that was talking about books. It explained what and where the title, author, and illustrator where on a book.  They got to see how to read from right to left. That portion of the program bored both of the twins. I made sure they each worked on the program separately because one of the always gives the answers to the other one, you know, the normal twins thing most twins do. LOL. I found that part of the program to be a little more advance for their age too, but I have to remember that kindergarten is not like kindergarten when I went so many years ago.

Overall, I asked each child separately on Day 1 what they thought about the program, they all said that they like it and they couldn't wait to do it again the next day.


Day 2, on this day I allowed my son to do some Math. He went over Standard and Expanded Form. I was thinking, "WOW I just learned this in my College 104 class." LOL. He told me he knew what to do. So I watched him. He did fairly well. When he got an answer wrong, the program did not show him what he did wrong, it just asked him to try again. This is where I had to step in because at the beginning, the program did not break down the two forms as well as it did in vocabulary. So I had to tell my son to start breaking down the numbers from the ones place because he was trying to expand the form from the largest number which confused him. I feel that there could be a little more strength in this area with making sure to give hints on how to get to expanded form. He still loved it because there was a little pie tracker at the bottom of the screen that showed him when he was close to getting finished. He was still so excited about his progress and the work he had done. I actually left him alone and came back upstairs and he was still working an hour later excited about going to the next stage. I told him to give his brain a rest and we will continue the next day. The hubby said I should just let him play, but I do not want him to get burnt out so soon.

Twins Day 2, They were suppose to do some math but it turned out to be a lesson on how to work the mouse. How to click and drag and items. I think it was trying to get them to match items and to put appropriate items where they go, but they became easily bored with it and put in a movie on the laptop, making me think they were doing work, but they were watching a movie. LOL, those sneaky babies!


So today, I allowed the twins to take a rest since they seemed bored yesterday and allowed my oldest to do some Science today. Guess what? It had reading passages and critical thinking questions. BINGO! I love that. I allowed my son to read out loud to me and to answer the questions with me. He drew a picture of a scientist and compared it to what other students think scientist look like. I was interested to see how his picture looked similar to the picture another student drew. Then he learned that scientist aren't all crazy looking. Since it was reading, he deiced to stop after 35 minutes of work and I agreed because he had read so well and answered the critical thinking questions so well and besides he is in summer school, so his brain does need a rest when it gets to a certain point.

So far, I like the Time4Learning program. Seems to be a good fit for my kiddos.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I've been invited to try Time4Learning's online education program in exchange for an honest review. My opinion will be entirely my own, so come back and read about my experience! For more information, try their lesson demos or find out how to write your own curriculum review.

Please check out the updates to come with my 2 kindergartners and my 4th grader.l Really excited about this experience for them.I am using this program as a summer supplement for my that is going to be a 4th grader and my twins that will be going into kindergarten. I am just trying to get a balance of what they should be doing and if the material will help advance their skills. I am really looking for to reviewing the program.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Long time no type!

Hello fellow bloggers and readers. I have started my new semester with my Stats class and Philosophy of the Person class. I had to drop the philosopy class two weeks in because of some difficulties in the class. I am still learning my limitation with handling course work. Right now with having the baby, that class would have been too much to handle. I would rather take a "W" on my transcript oppose to a grade that would effect my 3.76 GPA.

I am still on path to completing my pre-reqs by time I need to apply in the OT program in November. I am happy about that. This summer I am taking a Women and Religion with Prof. Cato, and American Presidency with Father Issac. I love him. I had a Christin Tradition class with him and he explain to the class how he was previously a monk and how he loves his little Yorkie. It was soooo sweet. At the end of class he would pull up clips of the dog on You Tube. LOL. He is such a sweet guy.

In personal news, I have broken out in a horrible rash that all strated with getting poison ivy. It started about two weeks ago had has not stopped spreading since. It itches, I have been prescribed meds that are suppose to help, but the rash keeps growing. I think I am going to make an appointment with a dermatologist. The Dr. said he "believes" that the poison ivy has mutated and I need to see an allergist. Oh, I am going to see the allergist but I want to know what the dermatologist think because I still breastfeed and I am itching like crazy. I am keeping everything in mind to not take any allergy meds to help with the itching because it drys out breast milk. Soooooo scratch scratch scratch!

I hope all is doing well with everyone else. I have been keeping up with some other OT students blogs and they are so motivating for me. It makes me feel like I am already in the program. I really appreciate their time in keeping everyone updated because these blogs are so helpful.

You all take care, type to you soon!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

O Why do I procratinate?

I now I said months ago that I was going to apply for scholarships, but guess what? Yep! I did not do it and now that I know my financial aid is low, boy do I wish I had applied. I know next school year I will have to apply everywhere, since the tuition for the OT program is more than double of what I am paying now. There are still a few scholarship opportunities open, so I am going to put my best foot forward and apply to those. My financial aid advisor made a good statement, " applying to scholarships is like a part-time job, whatever you put into it, is what you get out of it," which I completely agree with.

Oh, by the way I go back to work next week after being off for  six months. OMG NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!! Panic Attack. I am going to miss my baby girl. We have been going to daycare every morning since yesterday to ease MY anxiety. She did fairly well. She had tummy time while we where there today. She was just fine. I know she is going to be OK. I just need to bit the bullet and let my baby grow up. :-( I do not know if I want a one year old.  I know another six months away right? I just need to take it one day at a time.

Well the good news is that I ended this session with a 4.0 GPA. I am so thankful about that. One more session closer to applying to the OT program!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes to all of you!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I think I read something that said I should try to blog every other day or so. I believe that I do not blog as often because I do not have anything exciting or interesting to say. Well today I do!!! I just discovered that I received an A on my Abnormal Psychology final. I have been stressing about this class because is has brought up many emotions within me that I do not like to face. I am sooooo THANKFUL that I passed the final. I am so excited, I just can hide it, I know I about to lose control and I like uh hu, I'm so excited (That's from an 80's song just to remind some of you). I am so thankful.

Now I have to come up with the money to pay for my books for the next school session. I have Philosophy of the Person and Statistics. I have been on maternity leave since November and I have not been paid for the last month, so we are short on funds. I am not sure how the mortgage will be paid. I have full confidence that everything will work out for the benefit of our family, eveything seems to always do in the end.

I had to cancel my Chem 106 class for this summer because of the lack in financial aid that I am getting for the 2012-2013 school year. That class would have been a day class and I am a night student. Day classes are more expensive than my night classes. So I just replaced that class with a night class. I just found out that I am close to the aggregate life time limit for undergraduate limit. I have emailed the finical aid advisor that the scholarship advisor a week ago about suggests to help over expensis I have gotten no response. I am probably going to call them tomorrow and find out what I can do about my finances for the coming school year. I think I have about $8k that I need to find somewhere. Again, hopefully everything will work out.

I am just so thankful for my journey. I am thankful for where I have been, where I am in life right now, where I am going in my life, and of course my amazing husband and my amazing kids. I am so thankful today!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yeah! I was able to register for my remaining pre-reqs for the OT program, which is all of my sciences. I take them this Fall. I will be able to apply to the program this Sept. for sure. Right now I am taking my Abnormal Psychology class and I have a 7-10 paper to write on Reactive Attachment Disorder that is due next Friday. I have been trying to spend more solo time with each of my kids because I can see their silent cries for attention. They are doing little things to hurt themselves, they are fighting each other, and getting emotionally upset in school and in sports. So I have came up with a plan to send at least 30 min with them one of them making sure to give extra cuddling; it's interesting how the behaviors are correcting themselves. My baby girl is growing, and I find myself holding her more and more. I guess because it's almost time for me to return to work. I love babies. Everything happens for a reason. I wonder if I would have noticed their acting out if I hadn't chosen Reactive Attachment Disorder for a research topic. I think it's interesting to say the least. I am really thankful.

I have been networking more on Linked in so that I will have some great resources and friends as I go through school. I must admit that I am super thankful that everyone is sooooo friendly and willing to help. 

Well that's my update for now, I hope all is well with everyone out there sending positive energy.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fear and guilt

I was reading an student's OT blog about her program, she admitted that she is really burnt out, how fast paced and how busy her life is including that she does not feel that she has any "free time." Reading that post makes me nervous.

I think about my kids and my husband. Will school make me so busy that I will not be able to make it to my daughter's cheer competitions? Will I not be able to make it to my boys soccer games? Will my husband be stressed raising the kids practically by himself? With having a new baby, will I miss out on the first five years of bonding time?

Fear is starting to sit in about the choices that I am making and have made. That's one reason why I waiting so long to go back to school in the first place, because I did not want to miss out on my kids life. Then I thought if I had finished school back in 03' then I would be finished and would be able to spend time with my kids now. They are so young and they need me. What is a mother to do? It goes by so fast that I look up and my babies, the twins, are now 5  and are talking about how they are looking forward to being 10. I want to savor every moment I have with my baby girl Gem'maica (Jamaica), my 5 month old. My husband is soooooo supportive that he tells me that I am doing the right thing, but am I really? When I finish my program my oldest will be 14, the twins will be 10 and the baby will be 5. What I continue to think about is the questions of do they need me more now while their brains as forming and developing, or will they need me more when the brain's chemistry starts to change to hit puberty? Am I being selfish?

Please, for those that read this, give me input on what you think about this mind boggling situation about feeling "guilty" about going to school and the "fear" I have about not being there for my kiddos like I want.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anxiously waiting

I have finally gotten into the Abnormal Psychology class that I needed and I have my CHEM 106 class this summer. The OT program is currently taking applications for Jan. 2013 cohort. I really want to apply because current students of the OT program told me I should apply anyways because they are allowing people to get into the program without completing the 9 pre-requisite class. I sent an to the the Dean of the OT school and she told me that I should wait until Oct. when they start accepting applications for Aug. 2013 cohort. HHHHHHHH..... so I am anxiously awaiting to apply in Oct.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back to school work I go.

With being an adult learning, my university requires us to do a "pre-assignment" that is due on the first day of class. It seems like I do not get a spring break at all because I have to do my work that is due on the first day of class. Today the baby had her 4 month shots, so she is extremely fussy. Her growth has slowed down, so the pediatrician advised that should I start the baby on solid foods once a day. I gave her a teaspoon of oatmeal and neosure (neosure instead of breast milk because it has more calories which she needs). She liked it at first, and then she fought a little and then finished the rest of her meal. I nursed her to finish every this off. She was still supper fussy. I could not put her down for anything. I had to get on to doing my school work, so when she went to sleep I put her down and did my math. She woke up 3 times in the process. She just wants to lay on my chest for comfort. Then I went to clean the kitchen and get dinner ready, she cried the whole time because she wanted me to hold her. That was about 45 minutes of crying. So then I picked her up when I was done to try to get her back to sleep so that I could start on my Abnormal Psychology class....... and do I need to say she woke up and demanded her mommy’s love. I have 3 chapters to read and I cannot read with the tears and yelling. So I put her back on my chest and start reading. She was fine, but when it came to me wanting to take notes on what I was reading... baby girl said I was doing too much moving and the fussiness started again. Soooooo...... I always have tomorrow to do some work I guess.  But for now I will love this time with my baby girl and letting the world see how it is to be a mom, a wife, and a student.

Monday, March 5, 2012

SOOOOOO discouraged

Today I went and pre-registered for my fall classes. The requirement to apply for the OT program is to have completed 9 of the pre-reqs. I was so excited to register for my last of the 9 classes so that I can apply to the program in Sept. I have all of my recommendation letters, I have done my observation hours at a SNF and a pediatric center, and I have everything worked out in my mind as to what I am ready to say in the interview. I have had all of this done since Sept. of LAST YEAR, I want to add, and I had all my blood work done to show I had all of my child hood shots!!!!!!I just knew today I was going to do my happy dance because in Sept. I was going to apply to the program. When I went in to register, my advisor gave me 2 big blows to my plan. First, they have added more pre-reqs to the OT program AND I have to have ALL 14 pre-reqs completed before I can even apply. On top of that my Math classes that were pre-req classes are no longer pre-req classes, and I still have to take all of the Math classes first to get into my Science classes. =-o!!!!! I felt sooooo defeated. Now I have to get in more classes that will take me another YEAR before I can apply to the program because they only accept applicants 2x a year, in the spring and mid fall, I will not have those pre-reqs COMPLETELY finished until next SUMMER. When I apply, the application is to apply for the following year. For example, if I applied this Sept. I would not start the program until Aug. 2013. Then my advisor said that they are recommending that Pre-OT students take Psychology as my minor so that we don't have to sit out a while before starting the OT program. So hhhhhhhhh......... I have been in a bad mood since then.

As I was sitting in my sorrow and anger, a thought came to mind of this as a stumbling block. Is my goal worth staying on the path that I have planned or am I going to continue to sit in the sorrow and let it swallow me up and be grumpy in the processes, or at least until tomorrow? Then I thought, “Am I worth continuing my efforts? Am I going to let this distract me?" HELL YES I AM WORTH IT!!!!!!! I am good enough! I can achieve this! I can do this. I feel they are trying to weed out the people who are not really full hearted into getting into this career! I am not one of those weeds. I am a tiger lily and I am going to the top. I’ll take on new requirements and I'll ACE them! Bring it! Well, please don't bring more, LOL, but I'll accept this challenge. It is only making me a better person and making me want to fight for my goal even more. Tomorrow I am going to walk into class with my head held high and proud because I can do this. Even if that means I'll be in school until I am 34. ;-)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today is a great day

Today is an amazing day. It started with the hubby and I laid down in the bed for a bit. We Skyped our family in Jamaica and talked for a bit.  For lunch we went to Famous Dave’s and ate there for the first time. I had the roasted chicken, which was moist and tender, and the rest of the family had the ribs, by the bbq all over their hands and mouth it must have been good.

It was really nice to sit down together and eat dinner because when we are home the kids eat at the table and the hubby and I either eat while we are cooking or are eating down stairs with the baby. I want to implement a tradition of everyone sitting down together at the table to eat dinner to build a stronger “family bond” and all that great stuff.

Then the hubby rented "Real Steel", "Drive", and his friend rented "Rum Dairy" for me. The kiddo's and the hubby watch "Real Steel" while the baby and I slept. When I woke up, I ate some of my lovely left overs and then the hubby and I Skyped the fam in Jamaica again. Today is just a really nice amazing feeling day. I am thankful.

Oh just in case anyone was wondering I did sign up for the class with the teacher I like because the class is filling up now. Everyone from my other class is transfering over to the class that I am now in.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Decisions Decisoins

As a requirement of my Pre-OT program, I am required to do 3 math classes, which I am registered for. The math class that I am in currently is the basic math. I love the teacher. She is a high school teacher and she breaks everything down to the bone. I just noticed that she is teaching the next math class that I am required to take as well; however, the class isn't full and it needs to have at least 10 people in the class before they decide to keep the class, since this will be the 2nd 113 class for that session. The class that I am currently registered for is full and the teacher, I hear, doesn't break things down well.

Here is the predicament, if I drop the class I am currently enrolled in for next session to sign up for the same math class with this amazing teacher and she doesn't get 10 enrolled in her class I have the potential to lose my spot in the class that is full. I really like this teacher; I need to do what is best for my education. Do I change to a class that may possibly be canceled or do I stay where I know it will keep me on track?


Monday, February 6, 2012


My first home test is due on Tuesday which I already completed on Friday. I like putting things down and going back to review them. I do what I normally do when it comes to math, I gove too fast. I miss a negitive sign or two and then I forget to use brackets and my mulipication is off. My husband reviewed it with me and caught my mis haps. I like math. I was trying to get a group of people together so that we can pass this claas, however, it never seens to work out because of other obligation. I really need to practice more. This math class is only a pass or fail class which doesn't hurt nor HELP my GPA any, which I wish it could. On a brighter note it is considered to be an elective class. I am on count down when I can submit my OT application this Sept-Nov. I already have my letters of reccomendation and overservation hours in. I received my TB skin test last week. I am getting ready. I have to complete 9 pre-req before I can apply to the program and by this summer I would have complete 8. I am so tired. I am not proof reading this one because the husband is standing over me with a crying baby that is ready for me to put to bed. Hooe you all have a great evening.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First night back to class

I am taking the Math 104 class which is a pre-req of College Math. I admit that I like math, however, when confused people start asking questions, I start to get confused too. I need to trust myself more because I know the correct answers I just doubt myself. I love the analytical part of math follow the rules and you’re good to go. All in all, everything was good. I must say it was FUNNNNN!!!!! School is FUNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Baby girl did great with daddy last night. She is amazingly happy! I was able to pump on one break. The class decided to take the last break early so I had to wait to pump the other side until I came home by 10 o’clock, which it the time I came home, she was ready to eat. I love nursing!

This week I bought a new wireless printer that was on sale at Office Depot this week. I am really pumped about it because it’s going to save me the trip from having to go to the library and scan things in and running to the school library to print things out. I am shocked how little I actually know about technology. I did not know that there were wireless printers. I thought that I would have to hook my laptop up to the printer to print. Ha! I need to get out more. LOL!

I am thankful for my education and my family. What have you started back doing that you were nervous about and are thankful for?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time waits for no one!

I start back to my pre-red classes on the 31st.I have home that is do at the beginning for call and I haven't even started on the home work. I have been focusing on personal development. All this information is very valuable. It makes me realized thing that I need to improve on and to be honest, it making me have anxiety because I am trying to get everything done at once. I am going back to my list of thing that I need to do.

On another note, I purchased a reference book for occupational therapy. I was scanning the though the book, It looks interesting. I can’t wait to really start using it when I get into the program. I also went and had my blood work done so that I can have proof that I have all of my childhood immunizations, I also had my TB skin test done. I am in the waiting process to get the results of the blood work so that I can for more apply to observation about at another facility. I have accomplish the 20 hours that was required for applying to the program, I just want to make sure that I am observe at different facilities to get a better understand what it is like working in different environment field. I complete 20 hours at a SNF and 4 hours at a pediatric center. The one I am wanting or visit is a rehab faculty that has both acute care and outpatient. I really like to observation because it allow me to build a network in field along with using Linked In.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I need to get orginized!

I have wanted to post on my blog for about a week but could not remember my email address. It's that a shame?

The update from the last few weeks is that I am starting to appreciate my time home with the baby. I start back to my pre-reqs math classes on the 31st. I am a little sad because I have to pump now and build up my milk supply. Even though this is my fourth baby, I feel like it's my first. I am nervous about leaving her. I am finding every reason not to bump because I love the bond we have. She is 9 weeks and sits for a longer period of time in her swing and bouncy seat. My baby is growing up. It’s starting to feel like she is already is becoming more independent already. I should get on the ball and start pumping for “little miss growing up” because I want my baby to have enough to eat, she is growing so fast.

I still haven’t started on applying for scholarships for the next school year. I need to make a list and start on Monday. My school lists several scholarships that can be applied for on their website. There are some that need to be applied for by the end of this month, every little bit counts, so I need to get motivated. I am just jabbering along here and really all over the place with my thoughts right now and the baby needs me to feed her..... So until next time sending positive energy.....