Saturday, October 20, 2012

To all current OT students AND people that are good at Science.

Good afternoon my dear readers (which now, I would like to call you friends),

I need some help with learning how to retain information in my classes. From what I have read from OT student blogs, or what they all have in common, is to make sure to retain and understand the information that I am learning in my classes. Everyone does not recommend to just learning the information to pass the class or the test. Here is my thing, I am a visual learner. When it comes test time for me, I do really well with multiple choice questions because I remember the words from which I studied. On the other hand, on essay questions I draw a blank. I know the information but I cannot put it on paper for some reason. Last session, when I performed a brain dissection in my Anatomy lab, I was able to look in the book and recognize the parts of the brain. When my teacher was standing beside me asking me questions about the brain, I could not tell her the parts of the brain without looking at the book. I remembered exactly where to find the answer in the book; however, I could not tell her the parts of the brain without looking at the book. I knew there were 4 ventricles and their approximate areas, the pons, brain stem, etc. When looking at the cerebellum, I knew it was something that started with a c but couldn’t get the word out of my mouth to tell her. I drew a complete blank. My teacher is so sweet; she let me open the book to be able to explain things to her about the brain. I can tell you page numbers in the book on where to find the information. I take notes, I highlight, and I even rewrite my notes, sometime. Other OT students have told me to make sure I know my information because that will help me when I get into the program. I just need some suggests on how can I retain this information and actually be able to answer an essay or tell someone the information without having to see a word in order to retrieve the information from my memory banks.


Oh, I can’t remember if I shared this yet. I got an A in my Anatomy class and B in the lab, which I thought would be the opposite. Anyways, I kind of threw an email fit about the B to my lab instructor and the Dean because I had completed 35 pts. of extra credit in the lab. The brain dissection was one of the extra credit points. I really bombed the 1st exam in that class because I was not prepared and the majority of the questions were in essay form, therefore, I drew a blank on a lot of the questions. I knew the exam was going to hurt my overall grade, so I opted to do the extra credit to help raise my grade. We only had 2 exams total. My last test I did ok. My instructor emailed me back informing me that my grade was correct. Then I looked at my grade record for the class and she was right. So I felt really bad for throwing an email fit. I emailed her and the Dean with an apology for MY error. Then the instructor came up to the school 2 days later to hand the class our last exam. I went up to the teacher personally and apologized for my error and I told her that I appreciated her professionalism (is that even a word???), anyways, and that I hoped the best for her in her future endeavors. I gave her a big hug and that was that. Then a day later I got an email from the teacher stating that she had indeed made a mistake and forgot to add my attendance points to my grade, which was a 3/5. When she corrected the error, guess what grade I ended up having????????? An A!!!!!! Whoop! Whoop! My hubby said he thinks that I got an A because in the ended I acted appropriately by speaking with the instructor face to face and had apologized. He said that was the universe returning something good back to me. Ok well he didn’t say those exact words. He really said " Na' because you did not go off and apologized she had a change of heart." I can tend to be a hot head when things don’t go my way. I think what I said he said sounds so much better. LOL.  I like to also interpret what he said as the universe was giving me good things because I behaved well.  LOL!

Please, please give me some suggestions on how I can retain the information that I am learning better.

I hope the best for all of you!

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