Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today is a great day

Today is an amazing day. It started with the hubby and I laid down in the bed for a bit. We Skyped our family in Jamaica and talked for a bit.  For lunch we went to Famous Dave’s and ate there for the first time. I had the roasted chicken, which was moist and tender, and the rest of the family had the ribs, by the bbq all over their hands and mouth it must have been good.

It was really nice to sit down together and eat dinner because when we are home the kids eat at the table and the hubby and I either eat while we are cooking or are eating down stairs with the baby. I want to implement a tradition of everyone sitting down together at the table to eat dinner to build a stronger “family bond” and all that great stuff.

Then the hubby rented "Real Steel", "Drive", and his friend rented "Rum Dairy" for me. The kiddo's and the hubby watch "Real Steel" while the baby and I slept. When I woke up, I ate some of my lovely left overs and then the hubby and I Skyped the fam in Jamaica again. Today is just a really nice amazing feeling day. I am thankful.

Oh just in case anyone was wondering I did sign up for the class with the teacher I like because the class is filling up now. Everyone from my other class is transfering over to the class that I am now in.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Decisions Decisoins

As a requirement of my Pre-OT program, I am required to do 3 math classes, which I am registered for. The math class that I am in currently is the basic math. I love the teacher. She is a high school teacher and she breaks everything down to the bone. I just noticed that she is teaching the next math class that I am required to take as well; however, the class isn't full and it needs to have at least 10 people in the class before they decide to keep the class, since this will be the 2nd 113 class for that session. The class that I am currently registered for is full and the teacher, I hear, doesn't break things down well.

Here is the predicament, if I drop the class I am currently enrolled in for next session to sign up for the same math class with this amazing teacher and she doesn't get 10 enrolled in her class I have the potential to lose my spot in the class that is full. I really like this teacher; I need to do what is best for my education. Do I change to a class that may possibly be canceled or do I stay where I know it will keep me on track?


Monday, February 6, 2012


My first home test is due on Tuesday which I already completed on Friday. I like putting things down and going back to review them. I do what I normally do when it comes to math, I gove too fast. I miss a negitive sign or two and then I forget to use brackets and my mulipication is off. My husband reviewed it with me and caught my mis haps. I like math. I was trying to get a group of people together so that we can pass this claas, however, it never seens to work out because of other obligation. I really need to practice more. This math class is only a pass or fail class which doesn't hurt nor HELP my GPA any, which I wish it could. On a brighter note it is considered to be an elective class. I am on count down when I can submit my OT application this Sept-Nov. I already have my letters of reccomendation and overservation hours in. I received my TB skin test last week. I am getting ready. I have to complete 9 pre-req before I can apply to the program and by this summer I would have complete 8. I am so tired. I am not proof reading this one because the husband is standing over me with a crying baby that is ready for me to put to bed. Hooe you all have a great evening.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First night back to class

I am taking the Math 104 class which is a pre-req of College Math. I admit that I like math, however, when confused people start asking questions, I start to get confused too. I need to trust myself more because I know the correct answers I just doubt myself. I love the analytical part of math follow the rules and you’re good to go. All in all, everything was good. I must say it was FUNNNNN!!!!! School is FUNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Baby girl did great with daddy last night. She is amazingly happy! I was able to pump on one break. The class decided to take the last break early so I had to wait to pump the other side until I came home by 10 o’clock, which it the time I came home, she was ready to eat. I love nursing!

This week I bought a new wireless printer that was on sale at Office Depot this week. I am really pumped about it because it’s going to save me the trip from having to go to the library and scan things in and running to the school library to print things out. I am shocked how little I actually know about technology. I did not know that there were wireless printers. I thought that I would have to hook my laptop up to the printer to print. Ha! I need to get out more. LOL!

I am thankful for my education and my family. What have you started back doing that you were nervous about and are thankful for?