Thursday, February 28, 2013


I was starting to get a little nervous because I would normally have contact about decisions on the program before the deadline. The deadline was March 1. Something told me to check to mail box.
I saw a large envelope and my heart started beating so fast because the envelope was thin. I was thinking "oh no I'm on the waiting list" The as I started to open the package I could not bare to look. I finally pulled out the paper and say the words said "On behalf of the faculty and staff... I would like to welcome you as a first year occupational therapy professional student." I am OFFICIALLY an occupational therapy student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!

Hoping the best for all of you.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am thankful

I have not heard any word on my application for the OT program. I am hoping I will hear something by 03/01/2013. I made some mistakes along the way that I have learned from. Today I just wanted to take time to post about being thankful. Some people tend to take for granted the things that are given to us because they come second nature or automatic. I AM AWARE that EVERY moment I have here on this earth in which ever place I stand is a gift.SO today I wanted to share my thankfulness with you today.

I am thankful for my job, my family, my home I live in, the things seen and unseen.
I am thankful for the love my husband has for me
I am thankful for the love my kids have for me
I am thankful for the love I have for my family and the love I am learning to have for myself.
I am thankful for my utilities, the limbs on my body that move at my command
I am thankful for the food we have to eat,the liquids we have to drink,
I am thankful for all of my senses
I am thankful for being on the right path in my life right now
I am thankful that I am peaceable
I am thankful for the money that I have, the two forms of RELIABLE transportation we have
I am thankful that I am safe
I am thankful that I am in school getting an education
I am thankful that I finish what I start....
I am thankful.............

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for you, for you reading this post and giving me some of your time to day, I am hoping the best for you.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I did my interview at 1 am THIS MORNGING to make sure that none of my little critters would make noises. Sometimes it sounds like a zoo over here. The hubby was upset because I was up the night before studying for my Chemistry test and the would have to take the baby to daycare at 7. He just wanted me to get some rest. I am determined to have my interview in peace and quiet. So I did it anyway. I got all prettied up. I wish you could see the picture but my phone is acting weird and will not allow me to email it to myself.

The interview was 10 prerecorded questions that I needed to answer in a certain time frame. You do have one chance to redo your answer if you didn't like the answer you gave, I had to redo a few because at times I felt like a deer in headlights. Overall, I feel like I was able to be myself and show that I am a great candidate to be in the ASOT program. I was confident, now just praying to hear great news by March 1 in regards to my application status!

I am hoping the best for all of you and the best in your endeavors.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Yeah, I got an email stating that I should hear something this week in regards to WHEN I WILL HAVE MY interview! Which means..... I made it through the first round! ***JUMPING FOR JOY (literally, LOL)*** I am super excited and extremely thankful! The interview will be via web cam! I have done an interview on Skype before for a Mystery Shop job I performed and I liked it. I felt really comfortable in my own home with being myself. I guess that would be the benefit of the web interview, so they can see the real us. So new shirt and hair do here I come.

On another note, my friend just started the OT program in my school. She informed me that there is a lot of group work and a lot of papers she has to write. So far, she is still really nervous about the program, but overall she is thankful for the opportunity; which makes me excited about getting into the program even more.

This session I am taking my SOC 101 and CHEM 106. My Chemistry class in online. It's very interesting to do math online. I am good at math; however, sometimes I need a visual to get to the answer of the problem. So far from the introductions, there are many people who are wanting to get into the OT program. Many of them are second degree seekers. It is really interesting to see how OT is taking the work bystorm.

I must say I am very thankful for this opportunity that I have been given and looking forward to what the future holds for me.

I am hoping the best for all of you out there.