Monday, February 11, 2013


I did my interview at 1 am THIS MORNGING to make sure that none of my little critters would make noises. Sometimes it sounds like a zoo over here. The hubby was upset because I was up the night before studying for my Chemistry test and the would have to take the baby to daycare at 7. He just wanted me to get some rest. I am determined to have my interview in peace and quiet. So I did it anyway. I got all prettied up. I wish you could see the picture but my phone is acting weird and will not allow me to email it to myself.

The interview was 10 prerecorded questions that I needed to answer in a certain time frame. You do have one chance to redo your answer if you didn't like the answer you gave, I had to redo a few because at times I felt like a deer in headlights. Overall, I feel like I was able to be myself and show that I am a great candidate to be in the ASOT program. I was confident, now just praying to hear great news by March 1 in regards to my application status!

I am hoping the best for all of you and the best in your endeavors.

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