Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm going to my first AOTA Conference

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Today I took my last practical for my anatomy class. Guess what??????? I nailed it. I got a 45/50. I am so thankful. Again, thanks so much to my lovely reader Jennifer, who recommended that I get the Netter's flash cards. They were awesome. They were the same pictures that my teacher used for her power points. My visual memory is really good, so the cards were a life saver. I am so thankful to make it though this session. I end up getting a B in the class. BAM! Many people struggled this session, but WE DID IT! THANK GOODNESS!

Some advice when taking an anatomy class:
First, I found it very helpful to use "The Anatomy Coloring Book". I actually bought two. I bought both books used on Amazon. The first book I purchased was the first edition. From the reviews that I read, medical students use the book. The book it EXTREMELY detailed. I had to make sure my colored pencils were sharp when I colored the plates (illustrations). Each plate comes with information on what you are coloring, attachment sites, what impairments can occur in the area AND where and how to palpate on yourself.  I was amazed. I lost the first edition in my disorganized mess, so I bought another one. I bought the third edition this time. I liked the first edition so much, I wanted to know what could they have improved on. They improved the organization of the book. It had the bones together, skeletal muscle together, etc. In the first edition, it had sections broken into upper limb, lower limb, thorax, etc. Depending on your learning style, that might matter to you. I just loved the book. I said each muscle's name as I colored them.  I read out loud. I had to use ALL of my senses to get this information to stick.

Secondly, I would recommend the Netter cards. The illustrations were great. Along with the origin and insertions and nerve innervation.... the whole kit and kaboodle. Loved those cards.

Lastly, rewrite or type the teacher's power points or presentations along with your notes. I rewrote my teacher's power points and notes onto flash cards. Everyone has different learning styles; however, if you can use as many senses as you can to help you retain the information, i.e using different color pens (because the brain LOVES COLOR), then do it.

I made it through. Thanks goodness.

On to my additional excitement! I will be attending the 94th AOTA conference in Baltimore, Maryland. I signed up to be a volunteer and I was chosen. My university requires each student gets 30 volunteer hours during the course of our 30 month program. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get in some hours, so I signed up in January. I received an email about two weeks ago asking if I could volunteer on Saturday. I still have to pay for my own trip and getting into the conference, but I will be fulfilling some course requirements and learn some good information. I am excited. I found a roommate, bought my plain ticket, and bought the 4 day registration. Plus, I get a little away time. HA! I have reviewed the programs for each day. I plan on going to the Mindfulness workshop. I really believe that mindfulness is very beneficial activity that most people can do, especially with practice and dedication. Needless to say, this is an area in my life that I am still working on. Sometimes I forget that I need to practice mindfulness in high stress times.

I am on break for the rest of this week and start taking only one class next session. These are our fieldwork classes. YES! I MADE IT! My next class is Movements. I hear it is very similar to my anatomy class, so I will be reviewing all of the information that I learned over the last 6 weeks this week to help me prepare for the next class. Time is going by so fast. I honestly forgot that it was just last session that I had Neuroscience. I knew I had it, but I feels like it was months ago.

I appreciate you for sharing my journey and I hope the best for all of you out there!