Saturday, December 21, 2013

How are classes you ask?

First off, I need to tell you how excited I was to be able to attend Beyonce's 100th show in Louisville, KY, on the 12th. I have been a die hard Beyonce fan since I was 15!.15 years of loyalty! I am also critical of her too, so I feel that I look at her with a human lens opposed to a stalker lens. I went with my hubby and we originally had nose bleed section seats that I paid $144 for each, but we were able to talk a guy into giving us wrist bands to be on the FLOOR! I was standing so close to her that I felt her fans blowing my hair! MAN! I am thankful again! I have had these tickets since they went on sale back in July. I was really looking forward to that night. It was great. I was able to get some solo time with the hubby and I was able to see my favorite singer of ALL TIME! Queen Bey.

My neuro class has been pretty interesting. It is a lot of information. I have so many questions, but since we are in six week session we are not able to get to EVERYTHING that I want to know. Most of the topics we are covering are sensory, such as vestibular, somatosensory, vision, etc. I am starting to be able to put the pieces together about how our body if full of receptor sites that allows our cortex to perceive what is going on in our environment. We have smaller receptor sites for areas that receive more detailed information and larger receptor sites of other areas where we integrate information. I thought it was very interesting how vision is a big part of balance. I may have heard it before; however, when I am learning it for a skill, it has a whole other meaning. We have talked a lot about neural networks, how our brain is very plastic with an emphasis on if we do not have our clients use their skills then they will lose them. Oh, another aspect that I found very interesting was about when peripheral nerves grow back, one of the main task of sensory integration is to desensitize the nerves because the new pathways are highly sensitive to a point where the client can be sensing pain or discomfort. The is the best part of learning is that we always creating new neural pathways and are constantly become better person.

My psychosocial class is........... abnormal psych. We did read a book called "A Curious Dog in the Night Time" which was awesome. It was the story about a teenage boy who has autism. He strives to write his own mystery and tries to be placed in an A level math class. The book did a really good job on capturing the behaviors and thought patterns of someone on the autism spectrum. It is a good read. Other than that...... it is another abnormal psych class.

I will return to class on January 6 to finish my last 3 weeks of class. I am looking forward to this two week break. I will more likely try to do some reading to be prepared for when I return to class next year! Time really flies. I am still learning how to take one day at a time and enjoy every moment with my family and to try not rush for graduation because that would mean that my time with my kids is gone. I am just appreciating everything as it is. I have to remember that when I am freaking out about class. LOL

I am hoping the best for all of you!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Back in Session

I hope everyone had a good Gobble Gobble Day! We had a blast. We stayed in and watched movies all day. Well... I fell asleep on some of them. I was tired. LOL. Today is my hubby's birthday. I am really blessed to have this man in my life. I did not have a stable father in my life. He is an amazing husband, father and friend. I have never been loved the way this man loves me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GISBY!

Class started back on Monday. I have a really good feeling about this session. I have Neuroscience and Psychosocial. This week was an introduction to the classes. I did learn what FAOTA means. It is a person that has earner a high regard in the OT community. They have to be nominated for some achievement that they have made. My school has 3 of those members on staff. My teacher, Dr.Laura Strickland is one of the members. She was one of the people who opened the OT program at Spalding University. Her husband, who is the Dean of the program, is a member along with another teacher on staff. Dr. Laura LOVES her some neuroscience. You should see her eyes light up as she talks about the class. I am looking forward to learning from her over the next 7 weeks. My first neuro quiz opened online tonight. I have to complete that by Monday. Our second test is next Monday. I have been making a list of my readings that I need to get through. Dr. Laura recommends not read the text like a novel. She said to skim it to get the main points. She also had us complete a learning style assessments so that she can accommodate everyone in the class. I really appreciate that she takes a real interest in my learning. It makes me feel like she want me to succeed in the program. Oh by the way, in January, ACOTE is coming to do our accreditation. My teachers had to make sure to fit our course material around them coming because I take it at they need the teachers on those 2 days.

In my Psychosocial class, we have been watching documentary's on mental illnesses. I am looking forward to seeing how this class will turn out because I really like Psychology and this class seems very close to Abnormal Psychology.

That is how my week has been so far. I am still feeling so thankful to be in this program, but I am on count down to my first Level I Fieldwork which starts in May!

Hoping the best for all of you!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

OT School is NO JOKE!

I finished my last session on Thursday. This has been a very rough session for me. I have had some emotional break downs, some body changes, fear, anxiety, you name it I had it. And to think this is only my second session out of 18. My teachers were really great supporters. They encouraged me and reassured me that I was not alone in what I was feeling. I can thankfully say that it is over. I can breath and give thanks for making it through. When I say last session was ROUGH, IT WAS ROUGH. I'm telling you that I FAILED 2 TEST! I never recall failing a test in my life! Due to some chemical body went on auto pilot the first half of the session. I left like I was completely losing myself. Then on top of that, my job decided that they are no longer going to work with me on my school schedule. They basically told me that by December I need to decide what I am going to do. School or work? That was a very hard decision because my income is the highest in my household. I was hoping to keep working until January 2015. Sometimes life does not go as planned. I have to be honest with you... I flipped my wig when that happened too. I thought, "I have 4 kids, a house, a husband, and school feels I need to take care of. What am I going to do now? What about insurance for the kids? How are they going to eat?" After talking it over with my teachers and my spouse, I have to put school first. School is for a bigger vision, not just something short term which work would be. I would be leaving at some point anyways. I just do not know what I am going to do about health insurance when the time comes because I have a little baby. Hhhhhh...... I have to let the higher powers take over from here. If someone had told me that I would have this MUCH change in a short 6 week period, I would have never believed them. I have to say again... I am thankful that I made it through. Thankfully in the last two weeks I was able to pull everything back together. I was able to get back to myself. I was able to ace both of my finals on Thursday. The test are very challenging. Because my teacher had questions on there where ALL of the answers were correct, but I had to chose the best answer. Man that was difficult. I still do not know which one was that best answer. I pulled through with B's in both classed. My Theory's and Research classes. In case you were wondering.... in my program you can only get 1 C. Not like I want one. I about flipped my wig when I got B's. One of my amazing teachers told me that when I go for my NBCOT it would not matter if I got an A or B because what matters is that I know the material and I pass. A light bulb went off. He is right. No one really knows my grades but me. My employers won't know. Nothing says I have to have an A to sit for the NBCOT.  So I strive for an A and to learn the material, but if I get a B, I am thankful I was successful because a B is still a success!

Overall... I have to say this over and over again I am thankful that I made it through. I am more amazed with myself as I go through this journey because I keep learning more and more about myself. When I was younger, I thought that by time I would be 30 I would know myself and would be at a point in my life where everything would be smooth sailing. I have found out other wise. I am always changing for the better and I am always willing to learn something new about what this world has in store for me.

I appreciate you for sharing in this journey with me. I am hoping the best for all of you out there!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Occupational Therapy Student 1st session complete!

Yay! I completed my first session and as an OTS yesterday. The final was harder than all of his other exams. I have him again next session so I guess he is showing us what his "real" test will be like. He said that he graded down, which means to make something easier, in this class. He said next class he will be grading up, making something more difficult, to show us how test really our throughout our the of the program. This class was soooo fun and awesome. I am thankful to be in class with the ladies and gentlemen.

My meaning occupation activity that I did knitting, Boy was it difficult  to learn because there are times when you knit and the front and knit in the back. Then my needles came out of all the loops so I have to start over. Even counting the 2 Knit Stitch to 2 Purl Stitch I got confused. I missed counted then tried to fix it by only doing 1 of each stitch. Ha HA HA! That did not go so well. I learned to knot from YouTube. I thought it was a pretty basic tutorial for someone like myself, but then I found myself using other clips on YouTube just to understand what I was supposed to do. I can proudly say that I have completed my cowl and I am trying to figure out how to put my presentation on here for you guys to see.

My next classes are Research and Theory's. I am looking forward to learn more about this amazing field that I have gotten into,

I am hoping the best for all of you out there.

Here are the videos that I made to show my Meaningful Occupation Activity
My my knitting progress

My presentation video

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Occuapational Therapy Framework

Good morning friends. It's cracking me up that I am blogging more since I am in school. I was REALLY relaxing when I had no classes over the summer. As week two of school comes to an end, I have been working on writing my first paper on the Occupational Analysis of rock climbing. It was indoor occupation. It was a fun  "Leisure occupation" and my classmate were awesome. It is Leisure according to the Framework because it was a spontaneous activity and only kids Play. I have to admit that I was really scared because the wall was so tall and I would only be supported my a bungee cord attached to another person at the bottom. I was not sure if that other person could hold my weight, etc.,  the list just goes on and on. Ultimately, my lesson was to let go and trust the process. I tell you, the next day I was soooore! My forearms, legs, and shoulders, but a good calorie burn.

Me going up!

These two were taken not to far from the ground. I did make it to the top and rang the bell. Coming back down was the hard part.

Monday is our first exam. It will be over the Framework, History of OT, and Therapeutic Relationships. Dr.Leder said that the test mainly consist of Framework since that is an important aspect of OT. I feel fairly confident about this test. He said that he will post grades the same day. I have attended 3 study groups. Since we like each other so much, we go off on tangents at times. I have to say something pretty load to get back on track. I love the study groups because it allow me to understand things we are learning from class in a different perspective. Our groups have been fairly large 5-10 people. Some people do not like large study groups. My thought is, as long as I'm studying and can look up and ask someone else a question about my concerns then, hey! I'm there. Well, I am going to get back to studying now. 

I am hoping the best for all you our there!

Friday, August 30, 2013


After 6 attempts to get my pictures to my email, they finally came through this morning.
 This was our first ice breaker we had before orientation. It was so awesome. We meshed so beautifully. First impressions are very important! This was a great one!

Me in uniform for first day of class/ orientation!

Our brackets we made during orientation to unit us!

I HAVE A NAME!!!!!! and OTS after it!!!! YAY!!!!!! 
Our second ice breaker before orientation!

Lunch after orientation!

Oh and guess what? We have 6 guys in our cohort! Dr. Leader said that this is the first time that they have had this many men in one cohort.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

First week of OT school DONE!

This has been such a fun week. This week started off with orientation. We met our teachers for the next 30 months. One thing I like about OT is that you see people from all walks of life in this profession. As my teachers introduced themselves and explained when we would be in their class, I saw the "funny" teacher, the "calm" teacher, the "high energy" teacher, the "monotone" teacher and so on. I really like that OT's do not have one type personality. I love the fact that most of my teachers are still in the working field, they still have a full case load and are full time teachers. It is love when someone can work TWO full time jobs AND are passionate about both of them. We learned that our "journey" is like kayaking(teachers, education and peers) down the Ohio River(journey) where we encounter all kinds of obstacles, but the kayak has what we need to keep moving forward on the journey safely. We also made cohort brackets that was a class building exercise. Most of the people in our class had already met because we had already attended two get togethers to break the ice. After orientation some of us went out for lunch.

The actual lecture started on Tuesday. Our professor, Dr. Leader, is the "funny" teacher. He started us off right! We had our first group presentation on Wednesday. It was something that Dr. Leader did on the spot. He said he had never done this particular group presentation before. Each group had to present different parts of OT history. The catch was, which we did not know until we were going up to present, that our audience was a group of high school students that we had to keep engaged. We all started off rough, but once Dr. Leader showed us that he wanted a "theatrical" presentation, each group got better. Today we ended on OT framework. What I got out from that is that what we do,the framework, is based on how we bill the insurance company so we can get PAID! So I have this in mind, if I am wrong can someone please correct me because I am still learning.... Framework= Billable guidelines! Our first test in next Monday, and we already have 4 days of study groups set. We also delegated class representative.

Then my class went out for lunch again after class. Unfortunately I had to work, so I did not get so go.  I have already seen pictues of the fun they had. They also started a softball team tonight too. They named themselves The Regal Eagles. They went out for diner again after their game. THEEEEEEENNNNNN...... we have made a schedual to start running on the weekends together. I am not a runner soooo we will see how that goes. Right now, we are one big happy family! I am thankful for being here with all these amazing people.This was a great way to kick off my OT education.

I am hoping the best for all of you out there!

I'm still trying to get the pictures from my phone to my email so I can post them!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm Loving IT!

Hello dear friends. I started back to school on Monday. All I can say is that school  IS AWWWWEEESOME! I am so thankful to be going through this journey. Let me tell you, when I received my bill from school this summer with the amount of tuition that was still due, I freaked out because I did not know how I was going to come up with that money. I thought my journey was about to come to a fast halt. Like a night in shinning armor, my husband cashed out his 401k to pay for my college. He said to me , "Na' (that's what he calls me) this is no joke! You are going to have to get serious and succeed at this!" I wanted to cry because I did ask him to do that nor did I know he was going to do that! I have to say how blessed I am to have a MAN who literally would give the world to make my dreams come true. So a big shout out to my husband for making sure that I continued on my path of success.

I want to quickly remind people to make sure that they give back to their community in any way possible because I am thankful that I received an scholarship from the Paul Olge Foundation here in Indiana (I wrote a blog entry on the amazing organization last year. If you have the time please read it because the history of the foundation it truly incredible.). I also want to thank the Catherine Spalding Foundation for their scholarship this school year. Enough of the Grammy Thanks You's.

I have been trying to upload pictures from my first day as an Occupational Therapy student; however, the email isn't posting to my blog. Hopefully I can get those pictures up soon for you to see how fun it was! I must say I have also been blessed to have fun, focused, and successful people in my cohort! One of my classmates said to me that we have already did the hard part with trying to get in the program, now we need to start feeling like each and everyone of us deserve to be here because we were chosen out of hundreds of people. That's when a light bulb went off! She was right! I tend to freak out about if I am good enough to stay in the program since I have heard that people get dropped for grades? After watching that TED Talk broadcast of Fake it Til You Become it (it's one of my blog entries if you would like to watch it), I feel like I am getting some good energy everywhere I turn now. It's like BAM in you face! BAM in your face! THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY! THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AT THIS TIME IN YOUR LIFE! All I can say is how thankful I am that I am keeping my eyes wide open and I am willing to receive all great opportunities in my life! Have you ever felt just so thankful for something that your heart just feels moved by every great opportunity that comes your way? I just feel too blessed to be stressed. Literally! I did some studying last night. Normally I panic about making sure I remember it all for the test, but I just feel like everything I am learning is meant to be. So why should I stress about the test when I should be enjoying this moment right now?

I know this was a long post but I had soooo much to say. I want to THANK YOU for reading this and those who have followed me, THANK YOU for believing in me. Even though I may not know you personally, you gave me good energy to succeed too. THANK ALL OF YOU!

I am hoping the best for all of you out there!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fake it til you become IT!

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are #TED :

I did not know anything about TED talks until my Communication class I had a few sessions ago. Since I have had the summer off, something has been calling me to watch it. Today I took the time and watched some videos. I am the type of person who believes in the meta-physical world, which is, we create our lives by our belief system, the conscious AND the unconscious. Watching this talk, something clicked within me! "If I believe I create my world, why am I not confident about my decision? Why am I  doubting myself and my path?" Boom! Because that is how I am ACTING! By no means am I saying to someone that you nor I deserve bad things. I am saying if I don't like the way it is now why don't I change it? I thought to myself, "because I do not know how to act differently." These behaviors are basically habits that I have created. So know that I realize this, I know something has got to change.

Needless to say...... I'm about to fake it til I BECOME IT! I do deserve self confidence, which for me is a foundation for everything else that I want to personally achieve. It's a great talk!

I hope you enjoy it and I am hoping the best for all of you! ; )

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Off

I finished my last bachelor classes on the 17. Thank goodness. I will have no more classes until I start the program August 26. I ended with a B in both classed. All these B's are affecting my GPA. From what I calculate, if I want to graduate with a GPA over a 3.6, I need to have A's in 85% of my OT classes. So here is to hoping.

I finished my CPR certification last Saturday. All I need to do is to complete my Medical Terminology course. I am hoping to get to it next week. I still have my last Hep B shot to get in October; however, I can load my titre results and other shot records up to school. I need to join my school's OT association and get  shirts that have my schools logo on them. I met two students in K.I.T.E this week that said they will give me their shirts to use. So I am happy that I am saving money on that.

This week I am volunteering for K.I.T.E again. K.I.T.E is a program that my school's enTech offers kids with disabilities throughout the year. I am actually working with two kids. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. My kid in the morning has autism and my afternoon kid has ADHD and sensory processing disorder. Both of the kids are soooo smart and loving. My afternoon kid told me yesterday that he loves me so much and kissed me on my shoulder. Then he asked me, "who is my big girl?" I said, "Me." Then it hit me.... why did I just answer this 6 year old? I was in shock at my  reaction. I just answered this little kid. He is the sweetest kid! I find myself not wanting this week to end. :(

I am hoping the best for all of you out there. If any of you have an instagram and would like to follow my journey, you can make a request to blaquedimondgmailcom.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I miss you guys

I have been seriously slacking the las few weeks. There has not been a thought in my mind that I have forgotten to blog and to keep my fellow friends update. I do have some really food news. I received two Scholarships that will help me pay for my $29,0000 tuition for new year. I felt and am so thankful for that . All together I receive $7200. Just typing it makes me want to sing praises. I am so thankful for that. I have also reached my loan age rate limit so now it have to really get my credit together now. Because I am calculating another $52,000 to finish the program. I am praying that me goal in becoming a Occupational therapist is in god's will.

I just rescued a cane corso for the shelter and I am planning to make him a therapy dog. His first train to be a good citizen is next week! Yey Jimmy. He is 7 and has the best temperament. My 18 month old lays on him. He is as sweet as what ever your favorite sweet thing is.

My classes this session have been soooo fun. I have been able to look at English in a way they want I would not have thought of before with my Textually class. Poetry and smooth writing in same story. AWESOME! Very nice and entertaining. Then my art class, which I thought would be art has turned into a performance class. Boy do I love drama and skits. It has been so fun. Next week is the last class for art and next  Monday the last class for my English class. I have to admit.... I love this journey that I am o ,and I am thankful that I get to experience this with the ones I live, my family.

Hoping the best for all of you out there.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I finished my last session with a B in my Dram class and an A in my Communication class. I felt like I need to pick up my pace a little, so I started a new aromatherapy regimen called Brain Power from the Planet Therapy series. I have dibbed and dabbed in aromatherapy and I really like. I need to stay consistent with it though. I do it for a week and then get bored of doing it and then I am ready for the next adventure, a new change, even though I resent change. LOL. I know that in my new profession I need to become more focused so that my patience will be focused in their therapy and get the results that I would be looking for. 

This session I am taking Time Based are, which was very interesting last. We talked about conceptual art and how it was time based. Then we got our first assignment of making a flip book or an artist book. I think I am going to be making the artist book. I was thinking of using film I have in the kid’s keep sake box to represent how fast time goes by. Not just in the age of technology but also with growing into adulthood, just a thought. I am also taking Intro to Textuality which has no clear definition about what it is. The stories we are reading are interesting. I know I have to get an A in both of these classes because these B's are lowering my GPA and I can’t have that! No! No!

I started my Medical Terminology course that I need for the program. I am a note taker. There are lots of notes that I have for the 11% that I have completed. The goal is to get to 100% by Aug. 10. I do not see that as a problem. I go take my second Hep B shot tomorrow. My last one will be in Oct. I have to mail out this money order for my CRP class that I am dragging my husband in to take with me. I was thinking," Hey, he is a soccer coach and works are people all the time. He needs to know how to preform CRP if necessary." He just gives me the "Yes honey" Look. LOL

Oh and I realized how much school is going to cost for me….. $35k for 1 year. I only have $19k in aid. That includes the $7000 worth of scholarships I have gotten. I was denied a loan thought Sallie May and now do not know what I am going to do. L Any suggestions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks all the updates I have for now. Oh and I have decided to start do yoga, looking forward to getting that on crack n'

I am hoping the best for all of you out there. Make sure to take care of yourself first because there is only one you! ;) 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I was all over there place

I have no idea what was up with my last post but I have corrected it. I want to apologize to my readers because that was not like me. I sincerely apologize.

This is my last week of Intro to Drama and Conflict Resolution classes. I must admit that I am enjoying both classes. I though the drama class would not be interesting but is was. I like Oedipus, Twelfth Night, and Lysistrata. AWESOME! The conflict class is allowing me learn now to handle conflict in a healthier way. So that's an A+ in my book.

I went and got my Tetanus shot, my 1st shot for my Heb B. I got those a week ago and I am still swollen. I go back next month to get my second Heb B shot. Then the last shot will be in October. I did my TB skin test.. About to sing up for my CPR class, making my husband take it too because you never know and he is a soccer coach. Sad knew my baby broke her wrist. She will have to be in a splint for 3 weeks. I am still thankful because it could have been worse.  Her big brother was trying to put her on his shoulders and missed. We some good new. I TURNED 30 on Thursday. Welcome new year, new day, new second.

I am pledging for forgiveness on that last post I have no idea what was going on there. NONE. :(

I'm back to myself now. Thanks for still reading and sharing my journey with me. Hoping the best for all of you..

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reiki I Practitioner

I am now official level 1 Reiki practitioner  My teacher Robert Feuston is a "traditional" Reiki methods Master III. He does not recommended reading  from books on Reiki because  90% of them will not be correct. My definition  of Reiki," it is a self healing practice that allows us the heal others as well. I see so many way this can help our patient.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Good afternoon dear readers,

Today is just beautiful outside. Sunny and a whole 44 degrees. It has been really gloomy and winter like for the last few months. Today it actually feels like spring is in the works. There is nothing like an beautiful day heading into my favorite season. This morning I went to IHop with the husband and the baby which was really yummo.

On another note, this is the last week of session 4. Finished my final for my online Chemistry class and did my final in my Sociology class. I have to be honest with you, this session I really slacked on the class work. I felt really over these two classes. I think I learned a valuable lesson about myself, that we all have limits and we have to find a way to not feel or become overwhelmed when we come to that limit. I think I got a little ahead of myself and allowed myself to sabotage myself on the what ifs? What if I didn't make it to the program? What if it is too much? What if I miss out on my kids life because of school? What if.....? What if I just allow things to be just as they are????? Hhhhhhhhh....... well I am waiting for my grades to come in. Pretty sure that they will not be back until the middle of next week. So I am heading into a long weekend..... I pray that I come out with an A, thankful if I get a B.

Well... I'm going back to the pretty day with the family. By the way, I watched the last Twilight last night, felt really disappointed by all the fake images they used. I think they were trying to make the baby look like both Edward and Bella, but no! I noticed it and let a little jipped. I can't say if I feel like it was a good conclusion because I felt like I am still missing a piece of the story.

I hope all of you are having a great day and hope the best for all of you!

Thursday, February 28, 2013


I was starting to get a little nervous because I would normally have contact about decisions on the program before the deadline. The deadline was March 1. Something told me to check to mail box.
I saw a large envelope and my heart started beating so fast because the envelope was thin. I was thinking "oh no I'm on the waiting list" The as I started to open the package I could not bare to look. I finally pulled out the paper and say the words said "On behalf of the faculty and staff... I would like to welcome you as a first year occupational therapy professional student." I am OFFICIALLY an occupational therapy student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!

Hoping the best for all of you.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am thankful

I have not heard any word on my application for the OT program. I am hoping I will hear something by 03/01/2013. I made some mistakes along the way that I have learned from. Today I just wanted to take time to post about being thankful. Some people tend to take for granted the things that are given to us because they come second nature or automatic. I AM AWARE that EVERY moment I have here on this earth in which ever place I stand is a gift.SO today I wanted to share my thankfulness with you today.

I am thankful for my job, my family, my home I live in, the things seen and unseen.
I am thankful for the love my husband has for me
I am thankful for the love my kids have for me
I am thankful for the love I have for my family and the love I am learning to have for myself.
I am thankful for my utilities, the limbs on my body that move at my command
I am thankful for the food we have to eat,the liquids we have to drink,
I am thankful for all of my senses
I am thankful for being on the right path in my life right now
I am thankful that I am peaceable
I am thankful for the money that I have, the two forms of RELIABLE transportation we have
I am thankful that I am safe
I am thankful that I am in school getting an education
I am thankful that I finish what I start....
I am thankful.............

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for you, for you reading this post and giving me some of your time to day, I am hoping the best for you.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I did my interview at 1 am THIS MORNGING to make sure that none of my little critters would make noises. Sometimes it sounds like a zoo over here. The hubby was upset because I was up the night before studying for my Chemistry test and the would have to take the baby to daycare at 7. He just wanted me to get some rest. I am determined to have my interview in peace and quiet. So I did it anyway. I got all prettied up. I wish you could see the picture but my phone is acting weird and will not allow me to email it to myself.

The interview was 10 prerecorded questions that I needed to answer in a certain time frame. You do have one chance to redo your answer if you didn't like the answer you gave, I had to redo a few because at times I felt like a deer in headlights. Overall, I feel like I was able to be myself and show that I am a great candidate to be in the ASOT program. I was confident, now just praying to hear great news by March 1 in regards to my application status!

I am hoping the best for all of you and the best in your endeavors.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Yeah, I got an email stating that I should hear something this week in regards to WHEN I WILL HAVE MY interview! Which means..... I made it through the first round! ***JUMPING FOR JOY (literally, LOL)*** I am super excited and extremely thankful! The interview will be via web cam! I have done an interview on Skype before for a Mystery Shop job I performed and I liked it. I felt really comfortable in my own home with being myself. I guess that would be the benefit of the web interview, so they can see the real us. So new shirt and hair do here I come.

On another note, my friend just started the OT program in my school. She informed me that there is a lot of group work and a lot of papers she has to write. So far, she is still really nervous about the program, but overall she is thankful for the opportunity; which makes me excited about getting into the program even more.

This session I am taking my SOC 101 and CHEM 106. My Chemistry class in online. It's very interesting to do math online. I am good at math; however, sometimes I need a visual to get to the answer of the problem. So far from the introductions, there are many people who are wanting to get into the OT program. Many of them are second degree seekers. It is really interesting to see how OT is taking the work bystorm.

I must say I am very thankful for this opportunity that I have been given and looking forward to what the future holds for me.

I am hoping the best for all of you out there.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Session 3 is over!

Yey! I made it through Physics 204 and ENG 110. Boy was that a ride. I guess I was little burnt out  because I am so ready to be accepted into the program it's ridiculous. I already filled out my FASFA for 2013-2014. I know that I am going to need all the money I can get. My work announced today that they will not longer be doing providing tuition reimbursement for graduate programs, so I am still in the clear since I am still in my Bachelor phase, but I am still running out of money because I already have my Associates in Interior Design, sooooo.....I have faith that everything will work out for my benefit.

Starting the week of the 27th I take Chem 106 online and SOC 101 on campus. Really looking forward to the new classes and the new adventures of learning.

I started exercising, so I am hoping that will help me manage stress better. I bought a sleep mask. Works like a charm keeps all the light out. I am a light sleeper. If I see light I am up for the next four hours. So..... I love it. My husband hates it because he says I don't know what going on, but isn't that the point? LOL, I wont tell him that I just empathize with him. The poor baby. Well I wanted to check in. I know that it has been a while. I hope everything is going great for you and your endeavors,

Hoping the best for all of you.