Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Off

I finished my last bachelor classes on the 17. Thank goodness. I will have no more classes until I start the program August 26. I ended with a B in both classed. All these B's are affecting my GPA. From what I calculate, if I want to graduate with a GPA over a 3.6, I need to have A's in 85% of my OT classes. So here is to hoping.

I finished my CPR certification last Saturday. All I need to do is to complete my Medical Terminology course. I am hoping to get to it next week. I still have my last Hep B shot to get in October; however, I can load my titre results and other shot records up to school. I need to join my school's OT association and get  shirts that have my schools logo on them. I met two students in K.I.T.E this week that said they will give me their shirts to use. So I am happy that I am saving money on that.

This week I am volunteering for K.I.T.E again. K.I.T.E is a program that my school's enTech offers kids with disabilities throughout the year. I am actually working with two kids. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. My kid in the morning has autism and my afternoon kid has ADHD and sensory processing disorder. Both of the kids are soooo smart and loving. My afternoon kid told me yesterday that he loves me so much and kissed me on my shoulder. Then he asked me, "who is my big girl?" I said, "Me." Then it hit me.... why did I just answer this 6 year old? I was in shock at my  reaction. I just answered this little kid. He is the sweetest kid! I find myself not wanting this week to end. :(

I am hoping the best for all of you out there. If any of you have an instagram and would like to follow my journey, you can make a request to blaquedimondgmailcom.


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    1. He was the sweetest kid. I was really blessed to have some great kids.