Saturday, April 20, 2013

I was all over there place

I have no idea what was up with my last post but I have corrected it. I want to apologize to my readers because that was not like me. I sincerely apologize.

This is my last week of Intro to Drama and Conflict Resolution classes. I must admit that I am enjoying both classes. I though the drama class would not be interesting but is was. I like Oedipus, Twelfth Night, and Lysistrata. AWESOME! The conflict class is allowing me learn now to handle conflict in a healthier way. So that's an A+ in my book.

I went and got my Tetanus shot, my 1st shot for my Heb B. I got those a week ago and I am still swollen. I go back next month to get my second Heb B shot. Then the last shot will be in October. I did my TB skin test.. About to sing up for my CPR class, making my husband take it too because you never know and he is a soccer coach. Sad knew my baby broke her wrist. She will have to be in a splint for 3 weeks. I am still thankful because it could have been worse.  Her big brother was trying to put her on his shoulders and missed. We some good new. I TURNED 30 on Thursday. Welcome new year, new day, new second.

I am pledging for forgiveness on that last post I have no idea what was going on there. NONE. :(

I'm back to myself now. Thanks for still reading and sharing my journey with me. Hoping the best for all of you..

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