Thursday, December 5, 2013

Back in Session

I hope everyone had a good Gobble Gobble Day! We had a blast. We stayed in and watched movies all day. Well... I fell asleep on some of them. I was tired. LOL. Today is my hubby's birthday. I am really blessed to have this man in my life. I did not have a stable father in my life. He is an amazing husband, father and friend. I have never been loved the way this man loves me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GISBY!

Class started back on Monday. I have a really good feeling about this session. I have Neuroscience and Psychosocial. This week was an introduction to the classes. I did learn what FAOTA means. It is a person that has earner a high regard in the OT community. They have to be nominated for some achievement that they have made. My school has 3 of those members on staff. My teacher, Dr.Laura Strickland is one of the members. She was one of the people who opened the OT program at Spalding University. Her husband, who is the Dean of the program, is a member along with another teacher on staff. Dr. Laura LOVES her some neuroscience. You should see her eyes light up as she talks about the class. I am looking forward to learning from her over the next 7 weeks. My first neuro quiz opened online tonight. I have to complete that by Monday. Our second test is next Monday. I have been making a list of my readings that I need to get through. Dr. Laura recommends not read the text like a novel. She said to skim it to get the main points. She also had us complete a learning style assessments so that she can accommodate everyone in the class. I really appreciate that she takes a real interest in my learning. It makes me feel like she want me to succeed in the program. Oh by the way, in January, ACOTE is coming to do our accreditation. My teachers had to make sure to fit our course material around them coming because I take it at they need the teachers on those 2 days.

In my Psychosocial class, we have been watching documentary's on mental illnesses. I am looking forward to seeing how this class will turn out because I really like Psychology and this class seems very close to Abnormal Psychology.

That is how my week has been so far. I am still feeling so thankful to be in this program, but I am on count down to my first Level I Fieldwork which starts in May!

Hoping the best for all of you!

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