Saturday, September 7, 2013

Occuapational Therapy Framework

Good morning friends. It's cracking me up that I am blogging more since I am in school. I was REALLY relaxing when I had no classes over the summer. As week two of school comes to an end, I have been working on writing my first paper on the Occupational Analysis of rock climbing. It was indoor occupation. It was a fun  "Leisure occupation" and my classmate were awesome. It is Leisure according to the Framework because it was a spontaneous activity and only kids Play. I have to admit that I was really scared because the wall was so tall and I would only be supported my a bungee cord attached to another person at the bottom. I was not sure if that other person could hold my weight, etc.,  the list just goes on and on. Ultimately, my lesson was to let go and trust the process. I tell you, the next day I was soooore! My forearms, legs, and shoulders, but a good calorie burn.

Me going up!

These two were taken not to far from the ground. I did make it to the top and rang the bell. Coming back down was the hard part.

Monday is our first exam. It will be over the Framework, History of OT, and Therapeutic Relationships. Dr.Leder said that the test mainly consist of Framework since that is an important aspect of OT. I feel fairly confident about this test. He said that he will post grades the same day. I have attended 3 study groups. Since we like each other so much, we go off on tangents at times. I have to say something pretty load to get back on track. I love the study groups because it allow me to understand things we are learning from class in a different perspective. Our groups have been fairly large 5-10 people. Some people do not like large study groups. My thought is, as long as I'm studying and can look up and ask someone else a question about my concerns then, hey! I'm there. Well, I am going to get back to studying now. 

I am hoping the best for all you our there!

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