Friday, January 18, 2013

Session 3 is over!

Yey! I made it through Physics 204 and ENG 110. Boy was that a ride. I guess I was little burnt out  because I am so ready to be accepted into the program it's ridiculous. I already filled out my FASFA for 2013-2014. I know that I am going to need all the money I can get. My work announced today that they will not longer be doing providing tuition reimbursement for graduate programs, so I am still in the clear since I am still in my Bachelor phase, but I am still running out of money because I already have my Associates in Interior Design, sooooo.....I have faith that everything will work out for my benefit.

Starting the week of the 27th I take Chem 106 online and SOC 101 on campus. Really looking forward to the new classes and the new adventures of learning.

I started exercising, so I am hoping that will help me manage stress better. I bought a sleep mask. Works like a charm keeps all the light out. I am a light sleeper. If I see light I am up for the next four hours. So..... I love it. My husband hates it because he says I don't know what going on, but isn't that the point? LOL, I wont tell him that I just empathize with him. The poor baby. Well I wanted to check in. I know that it has been a while. I hope everything is going great for you and your endeavors,

Hoping the best for all of you.

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