Monday, February 6, 2012


My first home test is due on Tuesday which I already completed on Friday. I like putting things down and going back to review them. I do what I normally do when it comes to math, I gove too fast. I miss a negitive sign or two and then I forget to use brackets and my mulipication is off. My husband reviewed it with me and caught my mis haps. I like math. I was trying to get a group of people together so that we can pass this claas, however, it never seens to work out because of other obligation. I really need to practice more. This math class is only a pass or fail class which doesn't hurt nor HELP my GPA any, which I wish it could. On a brighter note it is considered to be an elective class. I am on count down when I can submit my OT application this Sept-Nov. I already have my letters of reccomendation and overservation hours in. I received my TB skin test last week. I am getting ready. I have to complete 9 pre-req before I can apply to the program and by this summer I would have complete 8. I am so tired. I am not proof reading this one because the husband is standing over me with a crying baby that is ready for me to put to bed. Hooe you all have a great evening.

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