Monday, February 13, 2012

Decisions Decisoins

As a requirement of my Pre-OT program, I am required to do 3 math classes, which I am registered for. The math class that I am in currently is the basic math. I love the teacher. She is a high school teacher and she breaks everything down to the bone. I just noticed that she is teaching the next math class that I am required to take as well; however, the class isn't full and it needs to have at least 10 people in the class before they decide to keep the class, since this will be the 2nd 113 class for that session. The class that I am currently registered for is full and the teacher, I hear, doesn't break things down well.

Here is the predicament, if I drop the class I am currently enrolled in for next session to sign up for the same math class with this amazing teacher and she doesn't get 10 enrolled in her class I have the potential to lose my spot in the class that is full. I really like this teacher; I need to do what is best for my education. Do I change to a class that may possibly be canceled or do I stay where I know it will keep me on track?


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