Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Midnight writing

I have just completed my session of Anatomy and the lab. There are some issues with my grades that they are correcting, so I am holding out on telling you my grades until everything are finalized. Up next, is Physiology with it's corrasponding lab. I am so excited because I love the teacher who's teaching it. You can tell that he really loves his job and he is enthusiastic.

It a little sad that our week off from school is already over, I enjoyed the sleep. We start back Oct 8. The more I can get done the faster I finish!

My work has approved me for a temporary schedual change since most of my classes at the moment are day, now that I have a new manager and 'm in a department and the manager is giving me the "HMMMMMMMMM" face. Oh no! The management staff dose not understand that I have been working on APPLYING to the OT program for two years now, I am going to send good energy out to hoping for everything to work out in my favor.

As for my kiddo, all I can say is go Royal Cheer Cheer Xreme. The twins first compatition in the Sunday. I am asking you to send good energy their wasy too.

Romier's and Dyimand's 1st showcase

I am go proud of my babie, I'm tring to instill self confidents in themsevles. Dyimand is my baby that brought OT to my attention when she was younger. The twins will be 6 Nov. 3. AND NO WE ARE NOT ONE OF THOSE DANCE MOM FAMILIES, at least I don't think so. LOL. We are not we just supports for our kiddos, we want then to have free choice in what they want to do.

Sending good energy to everyone out there.


  1. your kids are precious!!!

    haha I know you are the only one that reads my OT blog haha but thats perfectly fine with me :) and I appreciate your encouragement!!

    Once I am finished with this fieldwork, then all I have to do is go back to campus to present my graduate project- I'll post about it when its finished but Im making a kit to test all aspects of vision- and then after we present, we graduate the next day...soo this is pretty much it!! Then have to pass that dreaded NBCOT =\ !!

    1. Thanks for the compliment on the twins! ;)

  2. what's your email? I'd love to reply to your comments through that if it works for you!

    1. Thanks would be great!