Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So long no type....

Good evening friends,
      I have been gone sooooo long. My anatomy class has had me studying my 2% of my body weight brain off. LOL, I am using what I am learning in class on my blog. LOL. The best way to retain it, is to apply it. I am up watching American Dad. It is my nightly show that I watch to put me to sleep. This show is a trip. Anyways, I must tell you that anatomy is no joke. I am really trying to make sure that I get an A in this class along with the lab. I did not do well on my first test in my lab. I did not do good at all. I am having to do a ton of extra credit to get the grade up. I did really bad on that first test. REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!! Lab is a learning experience all in itself. I am learning more about grown adults that are never satisfied that are always needing to complain about something ,and I am learning more of what I will be doing in the OT course. I learned that the anatomy class that OT students need to take in school are more in depth and focus a lot on skeletal muscle. Right now we are on the muscle system in lab and I am trying my best to make sure that I retain this information. Trying to tell my brain to put this information in my long term memory! Please brain please retain this information. I am doing farly well in my lecture course. Next week is my last week of anatomy then as of October 8, I should be heading into Physiology.
      It's crazy how much school cost. I am needing to call the financial aid office to evaluate my payment options. I applied for a scholarship this month. I will not hear back about the scholarship until the end of next month, hopefully.
     Ok well I am going to head back to watching my nightly cartoons. Will type to you soon.

Hoping the best for all of you out there.

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