Sunday, September 2, 2012

Anatomy class

This session I have deiced to take only one class, and that is Anatomy 261 with it's companion Lab 262. It is so much information. In one of our classes we saw human organs, which made me beel very uncomfortable. A friend in my class had to break it down for me. She said." These were donated to science so that we can learn from them." That really made me put things into perspective. I still had to call my doctor and talk to him about it because I was having all kinds of bad dream. He just gave me a pep talk and explained that the way I am feeling is normal and the feelings will soon pass with enough exposure to these types of things. Then I had to ask myself do I want these feeling to really pass? I am going to school to become an Occupational Therapy, what does this have to do my hands digging around inside of a corps? The my teacher said as loud as day that OT students have to dissect the face, the arms, the legs, the hands and feet. I am still having to take a deep breath on that one because I did not go into nursing for the simple fact that I do not was to see bodily fluids and the passing away of people. HHHHHH......well I did sleep well last night though. Maybe my doctor is right..... I will get used to it.... If anyone has any suggestions for me about getting through Anatomy classes and my future anatomy classes that invold dealing with corpses please let me know...

I am hoping the best for everyone out there.

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