Sunday, May 27, 2012

Long time no type!

Hello fellow bloggers and readers. I have started my new semester with my Stats class and Philosophy of the Person class. I had to drop the philosopy class two weeks in because of some difficulties in the class. I am still learning my limitation with handling course work. Right now with having the baby, that class would have been too much to handle. I would rather take a "W" on my transcript oppose to a grade that would effect my 3.76 GPA.

I am still on path to completing my pre-reqs by time I need to apply in the OT program in November. I am happy about that. This summer I am taking a Women and Religion with Prof. Cato, and American Presidency with Father Issac. I love him. I had a Christin Tradition class with him and he explain to the class how he was previously a monk and how he loves his little Yorkie. It was soooo sweet. At the end of class he would pull up clips of the dog on You Tube. LOL. He is such a sweet guy.

In personal news, I have broken out in a horrible rash that all strated with getting poison ivy. It started about two weeks ago had has not stopped spreading since. It itches, I have been prescribed meds that are suppose to help, but the rash keeps growing. I think I am going to make an appointment with a dermatologist. The Dr. said he "believes" that the poison ivy has mutated and I need to see an allergist. Oh, I am going to see the allergist but I want to know what the dermatologist think because I still breastfeed and I am itching like crazy. I am keeping everything in mind to not take any allergy meds to help with the itching because it drys out breast milk. Soooooo scratch scratch scratch!

I hope all is doing well with everyone else. I have been keeping up with some other OT students blogs and they are so motivating for me. It makes me feel like I am already in the program. I really appreciate their time in keeping everyone updated because these blogs are so helpful.

You all take care, type to you soon!

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  1. Thank you SO much for the sweet comment on my blog!! You will be in my shoes before ya know it- time seriously goes by so fast- I know my past two years of school definitely did! I'm getting nervous about starting tomorrow but definitely excited! :)

    I hated my Philosophy Class-it was online and the readings were AWFUL- and you're right a W looks much better than an F- and 3.76 is a great GPA- better than mine was haha!

    Good luck w/ your dermatologist/allergist appointment- hopefully they can figure out how to get you feeling better!