Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Waiting Period

I am officially complete with nine of my pre-reqsa classes needed in order to apply to the Occupational Therapy program. I have completed Effective Speaking (A), Ethic (B), Abnormal Physiology(A), Development Physiology(A), Developmental Psychology(A), Anatomy(A) plus Lab(A), and Psychology(A) plus Lab(B). Whoop Whoop! I did it. I have Physics and ENG 102 starting the the 26. Must admit that I am excited because in the Physics class there should be more Pre-OT students so that I can start building a network for study groups looking forward to it. The only hold up now is waiting on Spalding to post my grades from my Physiology class and lab to I get request one being sent in with my application. The want everything sent in one packet. I was going to hand deliver it, but the I thought if I sent it return mail with receipt I know would be assured how it. What do you think would be the best, memorial way to submit my application? Suggestions please.....

Hoping the best for all of you our there..

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