Monday, November 26, 2012

Applied to the OT program today!

Yay, I submitted my application to the Occupational Therapy program today! Just to assure accuracy I checked it twice OK maybe three times. Check the transcripts, checked the recommendation letters, check the letter showing my observation hours, and then made sure to enclose the $30 money order for the application. I check and tripled checked, when I went in to submit my application to Ms. Spaulding, I think she may have needed to brace herself because I was running towards her like a football player going in for the tackle with all of my excitement. I gave her two hugs and made sure that all my I’s were dotted and my t's were crossed. Should I say it.......? I can breathe after getting all the information turned in. I also requested my transcripts to be mailed to the school so that they're official. I am so thankful that I am here and now I need to learn how to balance school and life again. This is the time that i need to take it easy and really focus on the of balance school, family, and me time, everything takes time, I am ready for the ride. Now that the application is in, I don't think I will hear anything back until Feb 8.

In the meantime, please send good energy my way! Hope the best is going well for all of you out there.

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