Friday, January 20, 2012

I need to get orginized!

I have wanted to post on my blog for about a week but could not remember my email address. It's that a shame?

The update from the last few weeks is that I am starting to appreciate my time home with the baby. I start back to my pre-reqs math classes on the 31st. I am a little sad because I have to pump now and build up my milk supply. Even though this is my fourth baby, I feel like it's my first. I am nervous about leaving her. I am finding every reason not to bump because I love the bond we have. She is 9 weeks and sits for a longer period of time in her swing and bouncy seat. My baby is growing up. It’s starting to feel like she is already is becoming more independent already. I should get on the ball and start pumping for “little miss growing up” because I want my baby to have enough to eat, she is growing so fast.

I still haven’t started on applying for scholarships for the next school year. I need to make a list and start on Monday. My school lists several scholarships that can be applied for on their website. There are some that need to be applied for by the end of this month, every little bit counts, so I need to get motivated. I am just jabbering along here and really all over the place with my thoughts right now and the baby needs me to feed her..... So until next time sending positive energy.....

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