Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Slow my roll!

So last night I was thinking, “Why am I so bored out of my mind and why am I not enjoying this break that I am getting from work and school?” It hit me that for the last two years I have been extremely busy with work, running my kids to their sporting events, going to school four nights a week until 10pm, and doing drafting and design work for my interior design degree. Now that everything has stopped I realized that I am experience what most people who retire experience when they stop working, which is missing the busyness of a life that they have been accustomed too. I am going to do my best to enjoy this time. I feel that I am rushing life. I am rushing to go back to school, rushing getting accepted into the OT program, rushing starting my career.  I am rushing my life and need to stop. I read a very encouraging article this morning about climbing a mountain. It basically said you will not ever realize the beauty of the mountain unless you have climbed it and noticed its beauty on the way up which I realized is true. I need to realize that everything happens for a reason and right now I am getting a break from school and work because it is needed at this time. I am not even doing a lot of ripping and running for my kid’s sports events right now. The only event I have is my daughter’s competitive cheer events. My boys soccer starts back up in February. I must admit that breast feeding is the only thing that has me going all day. I need to also enjoy that too because Gem’maica will only be this size once. I am learning to slow down. Maybe that is my life lesson for right now, to slow down and enjoy the moment that I am living. Besides this is a great time to start applying for scholarships for the next school year. Every day I learn something new about myself which I am thankful for.

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