Monday, March 5, 2012

SOOOOOO discouraged

Today I went and pre-registered for my fall classes. The requirement to apply for the OT program is to have completed 9 of the pre-reqs. I was so excited to register for my last of the 9 classes so that I can apply to the program in Sept. I have all of my recommendation letters, I have done my observation hours at a SNF and a pediatric center, and I have everything worked out in my mind as to what I am ready to say in the interview. I have had all of this done since Sept. of LAST YEAR, I want to add, and I had all my blood work done to show I had all of my child hood shots!!!!!!I just knew today I was going to do my happy dance because in Sept. I was going to apply to the program. When I went in to register, my advisor gave me 2 big blows to my plan. First, they have added more pre-reqs to the OT program AND I have to have ALL 14 pre-reqs completed before I can even apply. On top of that my Math classes that were pre-req classes are no longer pre-req classes, and I still have to take all of the Math classes first to get into my Science classes. =-o!!!!! I felt sooooo defeated. Now I have to get in more classes that will take me another YEAR before I can apply to the program because they only accept applicants 2x a year, in the spring and mid fall, I will not have those pre-reqs COMPLETELY finished until next SUMMER. When I apply, the application is to apply for the following year. For example, if I applied this Sept. I would not start the program until Aug. 2013. Then my advisor said that they are recommending that Pre-OT students take Psychology as my minor so that we don't have to sit out a while before starting the OT program. So hhhhhhhhh......... I have been in a bad mood since then.

As I was sitting in my sorrow and anger, a thought came to mind of this as a stumbling block. Is my goal worth staying on the path that I have planned or am I going to continue to sit in the sorrow and let it swallow me up and be grumpy in the processes, or at least until tomorrow? Then I thought, “Am I worth continuing my efforts? Am I going to let this distract me?" HELL YES I AM WORTH IT!!!!!!! I am good enough! I can achieve this! I can do this. I feel they are trying to weed out the people who are not really full hearted into getting into this career! I am not one of those weeds. I am a tiger lily and I am going to the top. I’ll take on new requirements and I'll ACE them! Bring it! Well, please don't bring more, LOL, but I'll accept this challenge. It is only making me a better person and making me want to fight for my goal even more. Tomorrow I am going to walk into class with my head held high and proud because I can do this. Even if that means I'll be in school until I am 34. ;-)


  1. ah what a bummer, esp when you had everything planned out!! But YOU CAN DO IT!! and it will all be worth it in the end (that's what i keep telling myself!)

    1. Thanks so much for the encouraging words!!!!!!