Friday, July 27, 2012

Session coming to an end.

Next week is the last week of my session 7 classes, Women and Religion and American Presidency. I feel like I did just enough in the classes to get by, which is concerning for me because I know that I need A's in all of my classes to be a great candidate for the OT program. This is what is getting me, I really dislike ready history, and my American Presidency class is all history books, so to be honest I did not read the books. I just participated in all the class discussions. I am not a political person, so I took the class hoping to get insight into some of the political matters that are going on in our world today. I did get plenty of insight. Enough to know that I am happy where I am. People really get heated about politics, and it was just a class. I am hoping Father Issac chooses to base our final off of the class discussions.

Then in my Women and Religion class, it was very interesting. If I had known that I was going into a feminist class, I think I would have been more prepared for some of the personalities that would be in this class. I loved reading these books. They were about feminist journey about finding religion. I could relate to some of these women and I received more insight in the Muslim and Jewish religions. I am always open for learn, just not reading about history. LOL.

About two weeks ago I had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. I was admitted into the hospital on Saturday and was not discharged until the following Tuesday. I must tell you that the gall bladder does not play. I had no symptoms before the pain hit me on Saturday, it was not a gradual pain, it was a sudden lightening strike. I still say it was worse than labor. So having surgery caused me to miss a weeks worth of class. With only having 6 classes a session, missing one class is like missing 2 classes. So I have been playing catch up on my class work. I still have an assignment that I need to turn in for my Women and Religion class, then I had to make up 2 test that I completely failed... hhhhh.... so the teacher has given me opportunity to watch a movie to get extra credit.

After next week, I start my biology classes at the end of August that continue through December. I have Bio 261,262,263,264 and Phys 261. I like biology so I think these will intrigue me a bit. Then I am applying to the OT program in October.

Oh and my mother in law is coming up from Jamaica to help with the baby. I am a person who loves schedules and routines, so I am a little worried that she is going to come in and mash it all up!!!!! My husband is trying to ease my anxiety about that. I hope all is going well with all of you out there and I hope things continue going well for you.

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