Friday, June 29, 2012

Classes reume!

I started classes again this week. I have Women and Religion class which is not as bad as I had thought. We are basically reading books about women who go through their life to find god or alla and how they are also considers “feminist" point of the view what religion is to them and how they make it work for them. The first book that I have read has a surprise because I thought the book was going to talk mainly about religion. To my surprise, the book was very enlightening show the need to take care of myself, it is like saying "I can still beloved, lovable and accepted myself with all my flaws." I really enjoyed Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott. I would recommend you read it too.

My other calls on American Presidency. The call is mainly a debate class, so we chit chatting out options about political matters. Listening to everyone’s point of view is interest because I am not a political person nor do I really care. So far this class is great for awakening my naive mentality and has wanting learned more. All in all I know that I can do my best to get an A this session. I am really excited.

Well, I have stopped bumping with I am at school and I am allowing my husband to fee the baby a bottle to hopefully get her calorie intake to increase. She loves food so I honesty do not think that will be able problem. Over wise the family is doing great. My oldest turn 10 on the 20 so for his birthday present I am sending him to summer camp and he is so excite. The twins are already say how they miss him, and was won’t be leaving until next Sunday, LOL

I am hopping the best for you all out there.

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