Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yeah! I was able to register for my remaining pre-reqs for the OT program, which is all of my sciences. I take them this Fall. I will be able to apply to the program this Sept. for sure. Right now I am taking my Abnormal Psychology class and I have a 7-10 paper to write on Reactive Attachment Disorder that is due next Friday. I have been trying to spend more solo time with each of my kids because I can see their silent cries for attention. They are doing little things to hurt themselves, they are fighting each other, and getting emotionally upset in school and in sports. So I have came up with a plan to send at least 30 min with them one of them making sure to give extra cuddling; it's interesting how the behaviors are correcting themselves. My baby girl is growing, and I find myself holding her more and more. I guess because it's almost time for me to return to work. I love babies. Everything happens for a reason. I wonder if I would have noticed their acting out if I hadn't chosen Reactive Attachment Disorder for a research topic. I think it's interesting to say the least. I am really thankful.

I have been networking more on Linked in so that I will have some great resources and friends as I go through school. I must admit that I am super thankful that everyone is sooooo friendly and willing to help. 

Well that's my update for now, I hope all is well with everyone out there sending positive energy.

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