Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Beginnings

Don't you just love the fact that every session is a new beginning to start all over and try to learn from the challenges that you have over came? I do! I feel that each new session is another chance to learn how to remain calm and pace myself. Monday was our first day back to class; however, we had a snow storm come through here so our first day of class was canceled.  On Tuesday I was able to have a surprise baby shower for my classmate. Sadly, this is the last session that she will be with us before having her baby. She was really surprised and really appreciated it. I was very happy.

This session I have anatomy and a condition class. Yesterday in my Anatomy class we were able to see the cadaver. Due to HIPPA, I cannot say anything more than that.  With my sessions being 6 weeks long, the class moves at a fast pace. We have already covered the muscles of the face and neck in two days. I bought a coloring book to help me retain the information, but class moves so fast that I have not been able to get into it because we have a work book that goes along with our course book that I fill out nightly. I not complaining about the class. I know that anatomy is one of my weak areas. If the class was slower, I would still think it was fast. I think this will be a great class. I like that the teacher has a sense of humor. It makes the class a little easier.

Today was actually my first day of the conditions class. Today we mainly went over the syllabus and talked about what we are going to cover in the class. We will be really getting to know conditions that our clients deal with, people first langue, and ADA. I am really excited about this class because I want to really know what my clients are facing.

I am about to read these two chapters for my Conditions test tomorrow. I am hoping the best for you. Goodnight!


  1. Are you taking gross anatomy now? you should get a frank netters and atlas of clinical anatomy by moses. Those two REALLY helped me out when I took it! Good luck! I have been a fan of your blogs for a while (have it bookmarked) I am starting the grad portion in the fall!

  2. Good afternoon Jennifer. Thanks so much for the suggestions of the books. I could really use those. I am going to Amazon today to see if I could get them . Yes, right now I am in gross anatomy. Congrats on starting the program in the fall! Very exciting. OT's are taking over. I am so happy to see more and more OT's graduate each year. Thank you so much for following my blog. I hope it has been helpful! I am hoping the best for you and your journey!